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Shadow War 8e 40k / Bolt Action hack [feedback please]

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Reclusiarch Krieg

Reclusiarch Krieg


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Before SWA happened, I've made a Kill Team hack, involving a new round / initiative system, based off Bolt Action. I played some SWA, which was refreshing after 7ed 40k, but since 8ed has hit I have zero motivation going back to the old system. 


Without looking at factions / units yet, how do you think this would work:

  • BASIC PREMISE - keep as much of the SW:A's Necromunda heritage as possible - movement rules, overwatch, etc.; while updating the ruleset to 8e and inserting BA order dice systems.
  • MOVEMENT / SHOOTING / CHARGING / FIGHTING - use 8ed 40k verbatim
  • EXCEPTIONS - once a CC fight ensues, it is seen through to its end, phase by phase, until resolved
  • RANDOMIZED PHASES - straight out of Bolt Action; each player gets the same number of d6 dice / Bolt Action order dice as the number of models in his "gang". These dice are put together in an opaque container (a bag, cup, box, whatever), out of which they are randomly drawn.
  • Once a player's die is drawn, he assigns the die to one of his model - this indicates "activating" this model. The model has six choices of action:

    1) ADVANCE! - move up to M" as per Movement Phase and fire, as per Shooting Phase; use the SWA Injury Table when last W is lost;

    2) RUN! - move M"+d6 unless otherwise indicated by additional rules referring "Advancing" in 40k;

    3) CHARGE - resolve a 12" charge as per Charge Phase and then Fight Phase; use the SWA Injury Table when last W is lost;

    4) FIRE - fire while stationary, as per Shooting Phase; use the SWA Injury Table when last W is lost;

    5) OVERWATCH - enter Overwatch, as per SWA;

    6) RALLY - remove Pinned status at the end of player's turn (or immediately, per SWA rules - Ld test if friendly model is in 2" from the pinned one); once unPinned, the model may take any of the 1-5 actions;

That's basically it - 8ed SWA plus randomized initiative system from Bolt Action. Fairly simple hack, but I have found that it grants the games a lot less predictability.

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