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Help with a fluffy Iron Warriors armored convoy

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Looking for suggestions on what to add to make a fluffy Iron Warriors armored convoy.

My premise is no overtly demon vehicles (i.e no Forgefiend, etc.) and if there's infantry, they be in transports. Also, 2000 points total, more fluffy than competitive (i.e. I might get drop Plasma'ed with no infantry screen but that's ok).

So far I have the following at close to 1k points:

Land Raider
2 x Predators
Sicaran Venator

Wondering if I should add a Scorp Whirlwind, but what else? What about a Vindicator? Should I have a Spartan with troops; but that would take up lots of points; or should I add more small vehicles? Or, should I go the other way and field a Fellblade with the rest of the points? What about a Contemptor; Tallarn had numerous depictions of a Contemptor with armor but fluffwise I don't know if a Contemptor would be able to keep up with a moving convoy.

Anyway, all feedback welcome!

Will post pictures of what I've started with in the morning.
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Warsmith Aznable

Warsmith Aznable


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Probably something like 2:1 ratio of tanks to transports or transports to tanks for the main body, depending if you want to be mechanised infantry or armour. Then 1 or two specialist vehicles like the Vindicator, depending on what task your task force is oriented to.


I guess a question like this is hard to speak to because we don't know what your collection has in it, or what your Warsmith wants the convoy to be doing. Are they guarding something en route or are they moving to contact? If they are moving to contact, what are they moving to contact against? Are there terrain considerations, like is this an urbanised environment or a flat, open plain?


Other than that, I think all we could talk about is which vehicles available to Chaos are better than others.


I don't know how it looks in 8th, but I've always thought every Warsmith should have as many Relic Predators with Plasma Obliterators as possible.

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