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White Scar army design in 8th.

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Hey folks! Just got my hands on the new codex as of today and wanted to bring up something regarding army design for the White Scars.

How best would you design a list around them to make use (or abuse) our new found hit-and-run tactics? 

The "fly" keyword will obviously be in high demand within our lists so Jump Packers all seem like decent options, our strategem and chapter tactic both greatly benefit bikes.  With the bikes new found access to chainswords they have a decent damage output in Melee considering our ability to be mobile. 

What units would you use to best take advantage? and what troop slots would you use? Currently i have 30 tactical marines and stick melta guns and heavy bolters in every squad, though I will probably change this to add AT capacity into the list.  Combi weapons for sargents?  What weapon would you give a Tactical sargent? I was using power weapons but 2 attacks just isnt enough! tempted to just take a nice cheap power sword. 


What of bike slots? currently im using units of 8 with an attack bike with multi melta, squad leaders with power swords (this is open to change, tempted to go with fists or something else) 


What are the community thoughts in general?

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I still don't have a Codex, but I've been wrapping my head around a White Scars in the last days, too.


Is it correct, that the Rhinos also benefit from the Advancing-Aspect of White Scars’ Chapter Tactic, Lightning Assault?


And as Teleporting got more relyable in 8th, I consider using Terminators und wander if and how much they benefit from the Fall-Back-and-Charge-Aspect of Lightning Assault.

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Agreed re: jump troops.  While the strategem is nice, remember that it can only be used once per turn in matched play, so you won't have the theatrical cross-board line of bikes all getting turn 1 charges off.  


That being said, with a max sized bike unit multicharging turn 1 with the strategem make for a nice first wave of assaults before jump troops join in (assuming they don't make their charge the turn they drop in).

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With a friend's fresh tactical eyes on White Scars (he plays Raven Guard, so that mentality helped), we've come up with this working list:



Kor'sorro Khan on Moondraken

Librarian on bike

5 Scouts with sniper rifles x 2

5 Tact Marines, meltagun, chainswords

5 Bikes in squad, two meltas, Sarge with poerfist x 3

1 Stormtalon, lascannon Twin assault cannon

1 Razorback, hvy bolters, storm bolter



Chappy on bike

5 bikers in squad, 2 meltas, Sarge with p.sword x 3


1998 pts, 73 power levels


I want to work in an apothecary on bike, maybe scout bikes.   Also considering either combining on of those bike squads to max size as mentioned in a previous post maximize the move, advance, shoot, charge stratagem, or coming up with a Co. Vet squad with shields and some sort of power weapons.   But that would mean losing a couple of the bike squads.  I think squad saturation is one of the strengths of the list.   So many targets the opponent has to deal with . 



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Wolf Lord Loki

Wolf Lord Loki


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I played 60 power game a few weeks back.

I used an outrider detatchment
Khan on bike
2 bike squads one with meltas (and an attack bike with multi melta) and the other with flamers
Land speeders with cyclone launchers
Techmarine with servoharness on a bike
Apoc on a bike
Scouts with sniper rifles

So on to a critique of the army

The Techmarine was a blender with that servoharness
The knan was okay
The bikes were really shooty
The landspeeders- well i cant remember how they did so clearly not badly
The apocathery was very different to previous editions and helped recover a couple of wounds on the captain/ khan. If you field an apocathery, be aware they are not like last edition they will only save one or two wounds a turn NOT ignore wounds on a squad level
Scouts well i liked being able to target characters but only having 5 wasnt enough to scare/threaten the characters that i wanted to target

Also dont make the mistake i did. Bikes gained a wound in this in edition!!
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Want to check in to see what dedicated White Scars players have been finding successful. I dabbled a bit with my Scars back over the Fall, but my life has become too demanding to support a second SM force. However, I never did get around to offloading them either...

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I think jump pack White Scars are amazing this edition.

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Since the strategem is one use only, I would use a deep striking assault unit (VV or terminators) with the re-roll charge psychic power on them and maybe another unit like them to use a CP charge re-roll to try to get 2-3 units reliably in combat on turn one. Otherwise that one bike unit which can reliably make the charge with the strat will probably get dusted without having any kind of support. The way I would approach a list is to have a first wave like the one described above there to initiate contact and try to tie up your opponent long enough to allow the rest of your army to arrive

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