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The 26TH Grand battalion of Kyor Degremon

Iron Warriors Horus Heresy Legion 30k 40k

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Kyor Degremon

Kyor Degremon


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Greetings to all, Loyalist and Traitor alike, as well as any Xenos who may have stumbled in here somehow. 


Thank you for lending me some of your time to look at this little project of mine, where I'll hopefully be posting the odd bit of progress on my 30/40k force. And yes, I'm well aware that this is the two-dozenth Iron Warriors army out there, they are really popular right now!


To explain why I started this force, I have been a player of 40k for about 6 years now, and I've been playing chaos marines, Imperial guard and Chaos renegades in that time. When I moved over to 7th edition about two years ago (just in time for 8th to come out, ugh) I noticed that I was increasingly unhappy with my chaos marines and decided to make the jump and move over to the legion list, as I could then play it in 30k and 40k as my main army. Along side the renegades, Iron Warriors have long been one of my favourite factions, and thus this project started around Christmas 2016.


I will detail the story surrounding my Praetor's little splinter of the legion, their existence during the heresy and what happened post heresy as well as what became of them post-heresy in the next post as well as show you some pictures of my current painting work and army progress. 


For now I will show you a simple conversion of a normal plastic Rhino I have done. I've affectionately dubbed it the Locthrathe pattern MK IC Rhino:






The various weapon options are interchangeable as Rhinos of this period have a lot of options I'd like to include. 






Seen here with the Havoc launcher, a personal favourite of mine. 




Even the interior is painted as I think that adds something to vehicles, even if the view is hard to see during a game (I'm a sucker for having the hatch open when the rhino deploys its cargo). 


Thank you for reading.



Iron warriors Legion project: http://www.bolterand...n/#entry4847694