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Seperate Army List pages for CSM

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I realize the general CSM page doesnt get enough traffic to support breaking them into legions. What about army lists though? Have them like the loyalists where the SW/DA/BA/GK/Codex all have their own pages.

Since 1KSons and now DG are starting to have unique units and now codex's it would be helpful to seperate them out a bit for organizational and search reasons. I see the current CSM titles being "X points for Y faction" (1500 point Death Guard) meanwhile othe loyalists is "X points for Y tactics (1500 point vanguard or 1500 point tank heavy list). So if you are looking for a particular build, lets says a Vanguard Sorcerer heavy 1kSons list it is much harder to search for than a Vanguard no wulfen SW list.

For now I would seperate 1kSons and DG as they have their own codex's right now but later see the Big 4 and Black Legion. So 1kSons, DG, WE, EC, BL army list pages eventually.

General CSM discussion would still include all CSM factions to maintain traffic. The army lists seem to be low traffic already, and this would decrease it, but thr army lists would be more focused and ease of use.
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Army lists sections get less traffic than the main ones, so it makes less sense to split them. Perhaps if that changes significantly it can be reviewed, but as it stands this isn't going to happen.

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This is a case where the use of tags would be highly useful. It would be as simple as "Black Templars army list" or "Salamanders Army List" or other variations.


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