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Rogue Trader Campaign Character thread

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Black Cohort

Black Cohort


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Rogue Trader Ffion Cadeyrn


She appears to be a woman in her mid-forties, but is closer to 250 years old.  She has been leading House Cadeyrn for the last 92 years.  She tends to wear clothes that are both fashionable and functional and caries and ornate power sword and bolt pistol set.



Imperium Veritas, Imperial


Age of Apostasy, Ascending, Prize of War, The Meritech Wars, Merchant House, Unknown


SP 1

PF 44


Speed: 7  

Manoeuvrability: +18

Detection: +15 

Hull Integrity: 40

Armour: 20 

Turret Rating: 1

Space: 4

Power 4

Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2

Fiery Temperament: For some reason, the plasma drives on a Turbulent tend to burn hotter than on comparable vessels. Though this isn’t enough to compensate for the added mass, it does give more power. Any plasma drive installed on a Turbulent has its Power Generated increased by +2.

Antiquated Communications: All Command Tests on a Turbulent suffer a –5 penalty.


Machine Spirit Oddity Martial Hubris: The ship has a glorious legacy of warfare and triumphant combats. It is always eager to fight, and unwilling to back down. The ship gains +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire its weapons, but suffers –15 on any Pilot (Space Craft) Tests made to escape combat.


Past History Temperamental Warp Engine: The ship suffers a flutter in its Warp Engines, an inconsistency that no amount of maintenance or supplication can eliminate. Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced 1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.)


Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive

Strelov 1 Warp Engine


Repulsar Shield Charged particle repulsion effect: The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through nebulas, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles.


Exploration Bridge Long Range Scanning: This ship gains +5 Detection when using Active Augury. Navigation Records: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 50 Endeavour Points.


mark 1.r Life sustainer Stale Air: Increase all Morale loss by 1.

Bilge-rat Quarters Living in Squalor: Reduce Morale permanently by 3. However, reduce all Crew Population losses due to depressurisation by 2, to a minimum of 0

mark–100 Auger Array


Compartmentalized Cargo Hold

Luxury Passenger Quarters



Sunsear Laser Battery

Pyros Melta-cannons

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Arch-Militant Romelia Jome


An ex-Imperial Guard Weapon Specialist turned bodyguard, she's served Mistress Ffion loyally ever since the Rogue Trader evacuated her company off of an Ork infested planet amidst an Imperial Evacuation and offered her a job on board the vessel as security detail; the mistress wasn't one to pass up an opportunity and its not every day that you get a vessel filled of guardsmen who are open to "new horizons" after having been defeated by Orks. Luckily for Romelia, her desire to sail the void between worlds was much stronger than her desire to fight and die on a foreign world, one among billions.


Over the past six-or-so years of service (time gets weird when you go in and out of the warp as much as they did), Romelia has worker her way up the Traders chain of command and she hasn't regretted the choice to do so since. After all, she wouldn't have access to all the gear she has to now if she remained a lowly grunt now would she?

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Navigator - Victris Holt - 'the false man'.


Bred and raised under shadowed circumstances and the auspices of a minor house and magos of the mechanicus in an effort to push further beyond the light of the astronomicon, one of several such experiments amongst an explorator fleet ultimately forced back to Imperial space after a series of improbable ill-fortune and turbulent warp transits.


Tall and somewhat brutish in physique by the standards of navigators with ragged shoulder-length hair that hides both his mechanicus implants and third eye, the other two - inky black - do little to put those around him at ease. But he cares not, aboard the explorator fleet his deeds were just a step in an ongoing experiment, but in service to a rogue trader he and his talents would be recognised.




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Astropath Transcendent Regias Cornelius


Born aboard a squalid space station, Regias was taken at an early age by the Black Ships, was found worthy of astropathic training by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and was soul-bound to the Golden Throne. His first assignment was aboard an Imperial Navy frigate, where his ship was attacked and boarded by void pirates. It was only through the intervention of the Rogue Trader that saw the void pirates scuttle back from whence they came, although it was too late for his ship, the engines having been sabotaged. Regias pledged his services to the Rogue Trader by way of gratitude, and through several decades of service, he saw his powers grow and his status rise to become one of the Rogue Trader's most valued astropaths.


Like many void-born, Regias is tall and thin in stature, and his head is hairless, with two voids where his eyes once were, a legacy of the soul-binding process.


Conn Eremon

Conn Eremon


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Void-master Dafydd Cadeyrn


Rogue Trader Ffion's nephew and ward, as well as an experienced deckhand. A charismatic presence among his aunt's crew, Dafydd has experience manning most of the great ship's functions. Now a prominent figure on the bridge, Dafydd maintains close ties with those of the crew who had risen through the ranks as he had, and often by his hand. As ever eager to prove his worth to dear old Auntie, Dafydd has led multiple expeditions, most notably to the rogue planet Apotheta. More than simply monetary gain, the data-banks stripped bare on that wandering Biologis research world are of great value to the family, an open doorway to greater knowledge were one to step through.

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