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1500 point Shield of Baal inspired list

Blood Angels Terminators Death company

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This is an extension to the models used in shield of Baal deathstorm. I loved the story behind it and bought all the books so want to make use of the models in a fluffy way. It is quite an elite/low model count army so not too sure how it could work. Relying more on durability and manoeuvrability.

Vanguard Detachment

HQ -

Terminator Captain w/Thunder hammer and storm bolter (captain Karlaen)


Elites -

Terminator Squad w/Heavy flamer

Death company squad (x5) w/power swords, bolt pistols and jump packs

Death company Dreadnought w/blood talons, melta and heavy flamer

Heavy support -

Land raider crusader w/multi melta

Flyer -

Stormraven w/multi melta, hurricane bolters and lascannons

The idea is to have Karlaen and the terminators in the crusader to benefit from the captains re-roll 1's whereas the death company and dreadnought will be in the Stormraven.

Let me know what you think
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The Gozfather

The Gozfather


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Not many models for 1,500pts! Especially when you consider that you're potentially only having 2 models on the board at the start of the game!!




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I like it, its simple and effective. Those vehicles are going to be the main focus of your enemy for most of the game, allowing you to keep fire off of your other units, wrecking havoc on their line after they wasted the 2-3 turns you took getting their trying to kill your land raider and flying land raider, which I seriously doubt can be done at 1.5k. Only tactical concern would be who's gonna sit on objectives, but hey, at 1.5k you can't have it all.


That said, having a land raider and a stormraven at 1.5k won't get you any sportsmanship points I suspect.

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