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New player. Need help with list (1000 points)

Blood Angels

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Hey guys so this is my first post here and I am looking for some advice. I would like to make a Blood Angels list though I dont have a lot of money and I am on a budget of under $200. With this constraint I constructed this list that I thought would do well.



Sanguinary priest w/ jump pack and power fist 106pts

Lemartes 129pts



Scout Squad all camo cloaks 4 snipers and a rocket launcher 111pts



5 deathcompany 1 thunder hammer 1 power sword 124pts

DC dreadnought with Furioso fist (pair), Heavy flamer, Meltagun 212pts

Sanguinary Guard 220 pts


heavy support

Predator autocannon and two lascannons 201 pts


For a total of 1103 points

I am not using this for a tournament just to play with friends and enjoy the hobby (Though I do like to win)

So please make suggestions to help me get into this wonderful game without making mistakes

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