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75pl Rough List

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Andy Tea

Andy Tea


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I don't currently play a GSC army but back in the spring a had a lonely night in a hotel room in Milton Keynes with nothing but a codex and eBay for company. Now I have a vast pile of sprues (mostly from the death-watch game) gathering dust and its time to do something with them


So here is a rough list. No idea about detachments yet, I'll worry about that later



Patriarch - 7

Magus -4

+2x Familiars -1

Primus -4

Acolyte Iconward -3



10x Acolyte Hybrids (with 1 of each mining weapon) - 10

20x Neophyte Hybrids (with mining lasers and grenade launchers) -10

10xNeophytes (with mining lasers and greande launchers) - 5

10xNeophytes (1 mining laser, 1 other heavy weapon, 2x flamers - 5


Goliath Transport - 5



15x Genestealers - 12


Fast Attack

3x Armoured Sentinels  (missile launchers) - 9

=75 Power Level


in terms of stuff I actually have its as follows

1 of each HQ

3 complete sprues from death watch overkill (1 genestealer, 2 aberrants, 6 acolytes and 8 neophytes each)

an extra set of Neophytes from DWOK (16 chaps)

1 box of multipart Neophytes

1 box of multipart Acolytes

1 Goliath/rock grinder

1 sentinel

a few spare bits from a neophytes sprue (extra weapons mostly) 


so for the above I just need a few more genesterlers and sentinels


so I've got lots of bodies but lacking choice in special/heavy weapons








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I started out with something similar and found I got trashed by tanks as I couldn't scratch them. Perhaps that's amplified somewhat for me as I mostly play against Sisters of battle, but half a dozen chimera/immolators at that points level is not unusual, all with at least one example of a heavy flamer. So some kind of anti tank would be useful. From your collection maybe the aberants in the transport, if you're feeling flush buy a chimera for the acolytes (the bundle box with ten guardsmen and an upgrade sprue is good value). That way you have two units with good odds of mashing up a tank, in a vehicle that can soak up their overwatch. Then it's just a matter of delivering them to the enemy without getting them shot, ambushing stealers and neophytes help cause mayhem and get in their face while you shove your transports up the board.

Stealers can try and kill tanks at a pinch, but their comparatively low strength and single damage per hit mean you're at the whims of variance and if you're scratching a tank you're not multi charging his infantry and mulching the lot/forcing him to fall back.

You could ambush the acolytes but they die in droves even to overwatch and they cost a lot in power levels compared to Genestealers. I found they're too fragile to ambush and do better in a transport. Your mileage may vary.

I like 15 strong units of stealers, they're a good balance between numbers and footprint. I have two such units and they're always my star performers. One gets a patriarch, the other gets a Primus. That way they both get a re-roll on the ambush chart when you're battle forged. With the stuff you have you could easily run a battalion and get a nice chunk of command points.