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Props to Matt Keefe (white dwarf editor)

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Bit of an odd little thing, but a few weeks ago I sent a message to the white dwarf fb page in which I got on my soapbox about a perceived retcon in the history of the mag (which turned out to be an error on my part as I did not have all the facts).

Well yesterday I received a personal message from Matt explaining this in the politest of ways and pointing out that the may issue contained pertinent information contradicting the point of my little rant, but thanking me for being passionate about it.

Basically I thought they were pretending that Jake Thornton never existed, but was incorrect entirely.

Anyway I explained that I don't get to read every issue as funds are a bit tight so he offered to send me a copy for free.

But the point of this is that I am amazingly impressed with his professionalism with what can only be described as a grumpy old gamer (me) and just wanted to publicly give him props for that.

Also wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience when messaging the white dwarf team?
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This story is amazing!



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