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First 8th Ed. List - 2000 points

Blood Angels I guess I love fooling around with hashtags no for real 2 detachments hybrid assault list

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Hey guys,


first list for 8th edition with my Blood Angels - using mainly models that I have.

I guess I'll have to glue some of them together to field the list, but yeah...here it goes.


Blood Angels - 1997/2000 points - 5 CP


Spearhead Detachment +1 CP 933 points


1x HQ - Librarian Dreadnought, Stormbolter, Smite, the two good powers - 192


3x Heavy support - 430

Baal Predator - Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannon - 164

Devastator Squad - Cherub, 6x marines, 2 lascannons

Devastator Squad - Cherub, 6x Marines, 2 Lascannons


Stormraven Gunship - 311

Twin assault cannon, 2 hurricane bolters, Multi Melta


Vanguard Detachment +1 CP - 1064 points


2x HQ 225 points


Captain - Inferno Pistol, Jump Pack, Relic Blade - 134

Sanguinary Priest - BP, JP, Power Axe - 91


4x Elites 839 points


Sanguinary Guard - 4 models, 3 PP, 1x IP, two axes death masks - 195

Sanguinary Guard Ancient - death mask, angelus bg, sword - 108

Terminator Assault squad - hammertime, teleport homer - 280

Vanguard Veteran squad - sarge + 6 marines (5x th/ss, 2x chainsword + bp), meltabombs 256


Total: 1997 points.



Perhaps it's a bit much on the firepower and a bit low on armour. I could add in another Baal, a Whirlwind, dreadnoughts...but the points, oh the points.


What are your thoughts?




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Looks like a decent all-comers list. You might have problems if your opponent tanks up though. But I like that your are spreading roles around your different squads. I would drop the librarian dreadnought if you can pick up two lascannons on your Devs and just make the liby a basic liby.


But there is an advantage of having the liby dread.. so..

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