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the emperor is scottish

the emperor is scottish


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First off I'm not sure this topic belongs here however i thought its was probably best suited here than in the general section.

I know The B&C dosent have a trading post. I think this is to stop agro from unsatisfied members not receiving items or the other pit falls that might come from trading with someone online.

However it would be easy enough to set up rules that would let buyer/trader know that they were taking that risk in their own hands by doing so.

I know there are plenty of trading sites and pages on facebook but with the B&C there is the sence of community and a lot of friendships and downright helpful folk that I believe makes it perfect for such a venture.





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Well, the question I would ask takes the opposite point of view, what would a trading post bring to this forum, and what does a trading post bring in general ?

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Brother Casman

Brother Casman


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Per the Rules, trading is not currently allowed - I don't foresee that changing anytime soon.
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walter h

walter h


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@the emperor is scottish , you  pointed out the obvious reason for not having a trading site. There are already plenty of sites for trading . The B&C,is best served doing what it does so well which is to be a community, for fellow hobbyist. I have every hope that ,that will be the way it stays for a very long time.thumbsup.gif

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the emperor is scottish

the emperor is scottish


  • 320 posts
  • Location:Isle of Arran Scotland

I just want to make something a little clearer than I did. I'm not arrogant enough to believe i could get a trading post started I genuinly wanted to know why the mods had avoided setting one up and the feelings of the general B&C community.

To cilers's question i think it would add to the community. Yes there might be a few bumps but on the whole it could bring members closer and give people the chance to acquire models or items that might be out of reach, either because said item is OOP or because they simply dont have the spare cash to be blowing on toy soliders.

Example of both was me seeing someone on a FB 40k page asking if anyone had the gaunts ghost models for sell or trade. He loved the books and loved the models and wanted them for his Shadow war kill team. He wasnt willing to pay the price people on ebay were asking for and chanced his luck. I had the models, unpainted and collecting dust in a shoe box somewhere. I was happy to trade them to someone who would actually use them so traded him for some genestealer cultists.

Second example perfectly describes me at this moment in time.
Me and my fiance' have just had to buy a new car unexpectedly, moved into a new home that needs decorated and have a dog that just cost us 500 censored.gif pounds at the vet.

Now unless i want to be a single man again i simply dont have the spare income at the moment to spend on warhammer has much as i would love to with all the lovely new models on the go. So instead of wollowing in self pity i've dug out all the models i've recieved for bdays or christmases or whatevers over the past few years that i simply wont use.
I've managed to trade away an old basilisk for some primaris reivers and asteron moloc for primaris intercessor. Happy as larry with both outcomes.

Not only that but i've connected with people i other wise wouldnt have. We've talked about what we plan and doing with said models, how we're getting on in 8th and promised to show what we've have managed to achieve with said models

Now i know that for these 3 good stories there will be one or two of some poor bugger being shafted by a wee crook and i totaly get that is why trading on the B&C isnt allowed.

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The B&C can't be responsible for trading and doesn't want to be, the goal of the B&C is to facilitate discussion and sharing of the hobby first and foremost. It is far too easy for trading deals to go south creating bad feeling and more which is something we'd rather avoid. You can use your sig to mention potential trades, but they must not be discussed on the B&C directly.

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Chaplain Lucifer

Chaplain Lucifer


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In a WH forum from my own country there was a trading/selling section.
With less than 100 users the drama was very real with countless posts of people thinking they were cheated or just overreacting.

Now imagine on BnC, which is global and has a thousand times the number of regulars.
Just an anecdotal example but I think a good reason for not to have a trading section.
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