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[Iron Gauntlet 2017] Characters of the November Warriors

Iron Gauntlet 2017 November Warriors

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With apologies to the balance that GW is attempting to find, these are my three Entries for the Iron Gauntlet 2017 Penultimate Challenge.



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Espion did not come by his position with any ease, even as a young marine he has fought hundreds of battles, and completed thousands of projects to earn the title of Forgewright. He is often found assisting Forgelord Abielle during non combat operation, as the operational head of MACS, during combat he is often found in the command cupola of any of the numerous November Warriors mobile armour, preferring the Fellblade Unsung War. As a MACS instructor he knows the best ways to improve weapons accuracy and to deny the enemy the same via well placed Chaff Grenades.



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Headmaster Falken is a presence more felt in the November Warriors than seen. He does not often take to the field, leaving that for his Sergeants and the younger Captains, preferring to train the younger minds and bodies of his Advanced School of Assault Warfare. This does not mean that he is not a prodigious warrior in his own right though. Falken pioneered many of the combat styles now practiced in ASAW, he himself trained Sgt. Johan Wu in the advanced forms of pistol based CQC. It was he who taught the Knight-Captain about the Dynamic Entry technique of battlefield arrival, and it was he who inspired the tactic of assaulting from Imperial places of worship to surprise enemy forces. When Headmaster Falken does take to the field, he prefers his custom gauntlets, Ofnir and Grabacr.



=][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][=






Farsa Kas has a long and illustrious history in the November Warriors, he first came to prominence during combat operations against a non-aligned force. His quick thinking that day saved his squad and helped bring victory. In the time since he has been fast tracked towards command opportunities. His ties to the House Garaipena reach back to his younger years, he was initially rescued by Lisandra Garaipena II during an operation to retake an Imperial Colony from secessionist forces. He was raised by Lisandra II personally until his induction in the Warriors. As a neophyte in addition to his regular duties he often volunteered to take watches with the Garaipena and in the walkers bay. This continued entwining of interests has produced an exceptional partnership. Upon promotion to Lieutenant Farsa Kas was granted access to some of the rarest of the November arms and armour. The improved communications and sensor gear his new suit of armour contains has allowed for precisely targeted danger close strikes from Knight Titans that may not have an optimal single source firing solution. In addition to his new armour, he was chosen as the purest representative of the November Ideals and thus wields the Axe of Elegy's Lament and the Hammer of Particular Justice, the very weapons that have inspired the November tactic of Axe & Hammer


Edit Log:

9/12/17: Adjusted Forgewright Espion point cost while mounted in Super Heavy.

Edited by NovemberIX, 12 September 2017 - 04:32 PM.

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