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Space Marines Vs Dark Angels - 8th Edition Batrep

Space Marines Dark Angels Raven Guard video

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Another Friday rolls around and with it comes a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report! https://youtu.be/sAShdIpVTJc This time my Dark Angels take on Space Marines running the Raven Guard tactics! The Inquisition orders were clear. The Azurdon were supposed to arrive on planet, enforce, to retrieve the Heresy era technology the scans had located. The Space Marines were tasked with retrieval of the device at all costs. When they arrived in orbit and began to deploy, the reasons for specifically being sent with strong numbers became evident. The Dark Angel Cruiser refused their vox calls and scans showed a large number of the First Legion on the planet. The Azurdon circled up to protect the devise and accomplish their mission. Will the Inquisition get what they want, or will the Unforgiven retrieve it instead? Watch and find out! 

Glacial Geek YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/TheGlacialGeek

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