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Death Guard Land raider alternative

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So I'm getting ahead of myself here, but the new vehicles provided in the new codex make older choices... Not underwhelming, but a touch out of place? Plus with VDR for land raiders on the way the idea of a toxic raider started to creep into my mind. These are still really rough ideas and I'm going to need a lot of feedback before any kind of profile will form. So if you're willing or interested in helping please please please do.

But let's go a step further and make something a little more unique. Not just a raider with DG weapons, but like the crawler a daemon engine that fills a similar role. So unless anyone has an alternative, base LR stats, -1bs/ws, DR and daemon 5++. And just maybe a slightly larger transport capacity

Model wise I'm thinking of starting with a macrocarid as it fits pretty well with DG design, and close to LR in size.

Weapon options are stumping me a tad though. Sponsons are where I'm starting, thinking maybe twin entropy cannons with option to swap to heavy blight launchers. Hull weapon I'm having trouble with though. Maybe moving away from the LR weapon layout required.

Sorry this is all just a rough sketch but this is my first attempt trying to write up my own unit

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