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Experimental Characters

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All experimental Characters have the following rules:

Soldier for hire: Taking an experimental character into your army costs you one of your relic choices. You can still buy more relics via the appropiate stratagem.
One and only: If you take an experimental character into your army, it has to be the warlord and cannot choose a warlord trait.

Experimental Characters are legal in any sense and can be used in tournaments. You do not have to ask your opponent for permission.

6 PP (70 Points)

Anteros, Slayer of Kings
A wandering mercenary, a master of the blade and a cold murderer, Anteros sells his skills at dispatching even the most deadly opponents for the highest bidder. He claims to be the best blademaster in the universe and wants nothing more than to meet Lucius the Eternal in combat. But still, the two havenĀ“t meet once. Some people spread the rumor that both these champions actively avoid the other, as no one is sure, who would win this duell.
You can choose Anteros, Slayer of Kings as an HQ choice in any Heretic Astartes Army thats allows models with the Slaanesh faction. Anteros can benefit from all legion Tactics of these Legions

Name                                   B   WS   BS   S   T   W   A   Ld   Sv
Anteros, Slayer of Kings         6"   2+   3+  5   4   4    5    8    3+

Weapon                              Range   S   AP   D   Abilities
Dominance & Violence          Melee User 0     1   Each time the Bearer Fights, it can make 2 additional Attackes with this weapon. 
                                                                       If a wound roll for an attack made with this weapon is 6+, it inflicts 1 mortal wound on the target in addition to its normal damage

Death to the false Emperor

Exemplar of Violence: You can re-roll failed wound rolls in the Fight phase for friendly <Legion> units that are within 6" of Anteros, Slayer of Kings

Glorious Dominance: You can re-roll failed hit rolls for Anteros, Slayer of Kings if the target is an enemy Character


Edit: Strictly speaking these Rules are not homegrown, but 100% official. Its an Exalted Champion with Intoxicating Elixir and Flames of Spite plus a good measure of reskinning. I made this post because I saw people wishing for a character generator. We already have one, see above.

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