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Alpha Legion Vs Dark Angels - 8th Edition Batrep

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines Dark Angels Space Marines Heretics and Renegades video

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Exciting times for the Glacial Geek! Just started my Patreon Campaign and I finally get to film my first Battle Report in Georgia today! But excitement besides, it is Monday which means a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report coming at you! https://youtu.be/wpBsQIwwtFM This time my Dark Angels take on the insidious Alpha Legion and Heretics and Renegades (oh my!). The call went out seeking aide. The planet was being overwhelmed by a rebellion led by a Chaos cult. The Heretics, joined by renegades from the local Planetary Defense Force, had risen up to over throw the local Planetary Governor. The Dark Angels answered the call and arrived on planet in force. When they landed, they soon realized that the Chaos rabble were being bolstered by Traitor Marines. More specifically, by members of the Alpha Legion. Will the Ruinous Powers claim yet another Imperial planet, or will the Unforgiven be able to quash this uprising by followers of the Dark Gods? Watch and find out! 
And of course a reminder that if you want to see the videos early, I post them to my Patreon for Patrons before making them public! https://www.patreon.com/TheGlacialGeek


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