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[Iron gauntlet 2017] Viper Legion characters

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  • Faction: Viper Legion


190 points (with wargear)

This unit is composed of Roul Valectus. He is armed with a two-handed chainsword and a storm bolter. You may not include more than one Roul Valectus in your army. 

M:6" WS: 2+ BS:2+ S:4 T:4 W:5 A:5 LD: 9 SV. 2+

Weapons: Range, Type, S, AP, D, Abilities

Ira (sword): Melee, Melee, x2, -1, 2, when attacking with this weapon, the bearer may make 1 additional attack with this weapon.

Storm bolter: 24", Rapid Fire 2, S4, AP0,D 1, none

Laurels of the 3rd: Roul Valectus has 4+ invulnerable save.

Strategos of the Viper Legion: Friendly Viper Legion units within 6” can reroll their hit rolls of 1

Keywords: <Character> <Viper Legion> <Adeptus Astartes> <Imperium> <Roul Valectus> 


Strategos Roul Valectus came to the knowledge of the Viper Legion during his days as a mercenary on the planet Aurelius. His personal band of mercenaries, the Hounds of Roul, were known throughout the planet for their almost unthinkable savagery and bravery against all odds. Once he joined the Viper Legion he steadily rose through the ranks until becoming a Strategos after on and a half centuries of service. After his promotion, the cohort led by him (6th) has adopted many of the habits of his old mercenary band, including the usage of wolf symbols and furs. Every time Roul returns to the Fortress monastery, usually after long campaigns, he asks the priests overseeing the new recruits for news about his now over 300 years old mercenary band and for his great pride is often greeted with news about their newest victories and glorious conquests.



130 points with wargear

This unit is composed of Inquisitor Keyser Staga. He is armed with Legislator (Maul) and an inferno pistol. You may not include more than one Keyser Staga in your army. 

M:6" WS: 3+ BS:3+ S:3 T:3 W:5 A:4 LD: 10 SV. 4

Weapons: Range, Type, S, AP, D, Abilities

Legislator (sword): Melee, Melee, +2, -1, 1, none

Inferno pistol: 6", Pistol 1, S8, AP-4,D 6, If the target is within half range of this weapon, roll two dice when inflicting damage with it and discard the lowest result.


Authority of the Inquisition


Iron Will: If an enemy psychic power targets Inquisitor Staga, roll 2D6. If the result of the roll beats or equals the result of the psychic tests for the psychic power, then the power has no effect on Inquisitor Staga.

Gaze of Keyser: Each turn before shooting phase Inquisitor Staga may choose one enemy unit. His acolytes have +1 to hit against that unit during that shooting phase.


Keywords: <Character> <Inquisitor> <Imperium> <Keyser Staga> 


Inquisitor Keyser Staga is known throughout the Aura Sector for his sharp with and utter ruthlessness when dealing with heretical cults. Countless cult rebellions have been prevented by him and his acolytes, and for that the imperium is ever grateful for him. However lately his actions have brought him lot of shame as a huge rebellion against the imperium sparked almost literally under his feet, taking away his reputation and his acolytes (who gave their lives trying to correct the mistake made by their master). Now he has embarked on a quest for redemption by crushing every last heretic and traitor on the planet of Bifrost, with only the ever loyal Viper Legion standing with him.



185 points with wargear


This unit is composed of Librarian Marcian Rubicos. He is armed with Securi(Force axe), a relic blade and bolt pistol. You may not include more than one Librarian Marcian Rubicos in your army. 

M:6" WS: 2+ BS:3+ S:4 T:4 W:5 A:3 LD: 8 SV. 3

Weapons: Range, Type, S, AP, D, Abilities

Securi (Force axe): Melee, Melee, +2, -2, D3, If Marcian Rubicon is slayed in melee, he is allowed to attack one more time with this weapon, even he has already attacked that turn.


Relic blade: Melee, Melee, User, -3, 1, If used against daemons the sword does 3 wounds instead. If used against units with a mark from one of the four chaos gods, it deal D3 wounds.

Bolt pistol: 12", Pistol 1, S4, AP 0,D 1, none


Psychic hood: You can add 1 to deny the witch test made by this character against enemy psychers within 12”

Runic Armour: Marcian Rubicon has 5+ invulnerable save



Marcian Rubicon can attempt to manifest two psychic powers in each friendly psychic phase, and attempt to deny two enemy psychic powers in each enemy psychic phase. He knows smite and two powers from the Tempestas Disclipine


Keywords: <Character> <Viper Legion > <Imperium> <Psycher> 


Marcian Rubicos is the current Librarian Minor of the 3rd great cohort. This means that while he has served the chapter for almost a century, he isn’t considered as skilled as the Librarian Major of the great cohort, who has mentored him through the years. Still his presence on the battlefield can be felt by anyone around him, due to him focusing in protecting his allies with his powers, rather than smiting his enemies to oblivion. During a mission on an Inquisition ship swarmed by daemons, the whole boarding party was nearly overwhelmed by the daemons and their grim leader, Brisus “the Mad Primarch”. If it wasn’t for the relic blade that by luck, or by fate, was picked up by Marcian, Brisus would’ve ended them then and there. Marcian used the blade to deal a single blow to Brisus, who had taken a moment to gloat on his victory. The Blade showed it’s anti daemon powers on that moment as the Mad primarch was filled with unimaginable pain, forcing him to retreat with his daemons or risk losing control of them.


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