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Rot Tide - 2000pts Death Guard

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Warmaster Phthisis

Warmaster Phthisis


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2000pts - Rot Tide


Battalion Detachment 1 - 3CP




Typhus                                                                                                                      175

Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality


Malignant Plaguecaster                                                                                         110

Blades of Putrefaction, Miasma of Pestilence, The Suppurating Plate




Noxious Blightbringer                                                                                             70


Blightlord Terminators x5                                                                                        310

5x combi-melta, 5x Bubotic Axe




Plague Marines x7                                                                                                    196

Plague Champ - Plasma Pistol, Power fist, Plague Knife

2x Flail of Corruption

4x Bubotic Axe & Plague Knife


Rhino                                                                                                                           72



Plague Marines x7                                                                                                    181

Plague Champ - Plasma Gun, Plague Sword

2x Meltagun & Plague Knife

4x Boltgun & Plague Knife


Rhino                                                                                                                           83

combi-bolter & combi-flamer


Poxwalkers x20                                                                                                          120


Heavy Support


Plagueburst Crawler                                                                                                  156

Plagueburst Mortar, Heavy Slugger, 2x Entropy Cannons


Plagueburst Crawler                                                                                                  156

Plagueburst Mortar, Heavy Slugger, 2x Entropy Cannons



Battalion Detachment 2 - 3CP




Terminator Sorceror                                                                                                 175

Combi-Melta & Force Axe

Warptime, Prescience


Warpsmith                                                                                                                  76





Chaos Cultists x10                                                                                                     40



Chaos Cultists x10                                                                                                     40



Chaos Cultists x10                                                                                                     40



The Battleplan


The namesake of this list is a formation that takes advantage of the "The Dead Walk Again" strategum.  The Rot Tide is a deathball with a unit of 20 Poxwalkers screened very tightly by 3 squads of cultists geared for assault and accompanied by Typhus and the Noxious Blightbringer.  Each turn I'll spend 1CP on "The Dead Walk Again" for the Poxwalkers and another 1CP for "Cloud of Flies" to prevent my opponent from attacking the Poxwalker core.  The cultists will be packed tight in front of a spread out Poxwalker unit to make sure that any cultist slain is slain within 7" of a Poxwalker model.  These slain Cultists add to the Poxwalker horde.  The Noxious Blightbringer will allow the whole deathball to advance at a faster clip, averaging about 8" per turn.  Typhus is pretty self-explanatory.

Although low-quality and expendable troops, the horde must be dealt with in some way.  However my opponent decides to handle them I can turn it to my benefit.  An enemy who decides to focus their firepower on the Rot Tide will have to be killing cultists, which then will give me almost 30 more Poxwalkers.  Typhus' buff to the unit can then be increased with Putrescent Vitality and once their cultist shield is gone they can be protected with Miasma of Pestilence.  A horde of roughly 50 S5 T5 Poxwalkers barreling down on you is obviously a bigger problem than 20 Poxwalkers with 30 Cultists.    However if they choose to ignore the Rot Tide and focus on the rest of my army, I'm going to be very disruptive with my cultist squads and, again, a squad of 20 S5 T5 Poxwalkers with Typhus.  With such a slow-moving horde, the obvious counter strategy is to redeploy away from them, which depending on the mission and army could cede objectives and could play into a Hammer and Anvil overall strategy with the other mechanized portion of my army.   I'd expect to expend between 5 and 8 CP out of my 9 on this formation.


The Terminator Sorceror will probably teleport in with the Blightlord Terminators, casting Warptime & Prescience on them so they can get into melta range with their combi-meltas.  This is a unit that can destroy a piece of heavy armor in one turn if they've left me enough room to teleport in.  With their added staying power, a squad of Blightlords with an accompanying Sorceror is another big problem for my opponent.


Plague Marines in Rhinos do what Plague Marines in Rhinos do.  The Malignant Plaguecaster will climb into the Rhino with the Plague Marine assault squad and support them.  The Plague Marine squad with Meltas are good all-rounders when supported with the Rhino with a combi-flamer.  These two units will advance and engage the enemy while their Rhinos make a nuisance of themselves.


The Plagueburst Crawlers will be accompanied by the Warpsmith.  PBCs are already tough as nails, but with a Warpsmith fixing them up that's even more true.  I'll advance these tanks up so they present an additional target for the enemy and make sure the Entropy Cannons are in range.  The Entropy Cannons are the real armament on these things.  The Plagueburst Mortar can deal a heavy blow occasionally but there are too many dice rolls in the way to make it reliable.  The remainder of my CP will probably be spent re-rolling 1's for the number of shots I get on the Mortars and possibly a good volley of Blight Grenades off the PM assault squad if the opportunity presents itself.



Alternate choices could be to drop the Warpsmith and take an Apostle to keep me from losing cultists to morale as the ones that run away don't come back as Poxwalkers.  I could also take a regular Chaos Lord to put with the Rot Tide, the Plague Marines or the PBCs.   I could swap out the Meltas in my PM squad and put in Blight Launchers instead and use them as a shooty fire-support unit, and replace the combi-flamer with a Havoc launcher on their Rhino. 


My concerns with this list revolve around the Rot Tide either getting killed before they reach the enemy, or being too slow to reach the enemy.  There are armies out there that I know can burn through this formation in a couple of turns of focused fire, or at the very least render it far less effective.  That's going to take about 600 lasgun shots on average to do, or 420 bolter shots. But if they do focus on the Rot Tide, then at least that's shooting that isn't going to the rest of my army.  An enemy being able to avoid it entirely is my biggest concern.  In those instances I'll have to try to use my mechanized Plague Marines to pin them down before I can land my hammer blow.


Any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated.


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