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B&C Discord Server?

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Evil Eye

Evil Eye


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Hey guys.


I was wondering if a Discord server would be something people would be interested in? I'm a member of a few servers and I've found it very useful, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'd be willing to set it up (unless the mods would rather set it up themselves so it's "official" of course).

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I use Discord all the time and I am definitely interested in one for BnC.




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As I remember this got shot down last time it came up (chat box and an IRC server) because it directs traffic away from the site, and I think is a bit harder to moderate.

Soldier of Dorn

Soldier of Dorn


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It's unlikely that the B&C is ever going to have cross-platform discussion like chat or anything like that, I think precisely for the reasons November mentions, but in the absence of that there are a few rather lively 40k servers on Discord. The r/Warhammer 40k one is pretty active, and there are a few other ones too. Due to... well, quite a bit of stuff that goes above and outside of what the B&C would consider to be acceptable content (perhaps it's just my experience, but rapid chat tends to degenerate to crudity fairly quickly on Discord,) I'm not going to post any invite links here, but if you poke around the web for a bit you should be able to find some.

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