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Campaign starting at 1,000 points

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We have a campaign starting in October.
The rules are:
No special/named characters or lords of war in round 1
Round 1 is 1,000 points.
Two detachments maximum for round 1

I had a list prepared before the rules on no special characters and now have to revise it.

For opponents I only k is I'll be against an Imperial army of some kind.
It's not competitive but I don't want the Imperium to win!

Please critique and hone my "all comers" list.

Death Guard detachment:
HQ: DP with Wings, 2xTalons, Suppurating Plate (Power: Plague Wind)(180pts)
HQ: Plaguecaster (110pts)

12 Cultists (2x H.Stubbers) (60pts)
14 PoxWalkers (84 points)
14 PoxWalkers (84 points)

Fast Attack
Bloat Drone with plague spitters(158pts)

R&H Vanguard
HQ: Malefic Lord (30pts)

2 x 5 Marauders with 2 plasma (44pts each)
5 Marauders with 2 sniper (34 pts)

Earthshaker battery (80points)
Chimera with two heavy bolters (91pts)

Comes in at 999pts.

Cultists in front of a blob of PoxWalkers, right on the edge of deployment. They're likely to be in (rapid fire) range of something on their first shooting phase. Use the Dead Walk Again stratagem to turn them into PoxWalkers.

Daemon Prince and Drone up the flanks
Plasma Marauders and Malefic Lord in chimera.

Earthshaker battery targeting any tanks it can.

Lord Malnatt Evilborn

Lord Malnatt Evilborn


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I like it! Is similar to my list

I recommend (at least) one unit of Plague Marines in the future, without is not Death Guard msn-wink.gif