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First Death Guard list, 100 PL/ 1966 points

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Greetings all,


I took the plunge on the Death Guard recently and set up a list using some of my other chaos models already.  Please let me know if there is anything major I should tweak, and I might add I play in a relatively casual environment.  I would 100% like to use Mortarion in the list but other than that I'm open to suggestions.






5 plague marines, 2 plasma guns, 1 powerfist

5 Plague marines, 1 plasma, 1 BL, 1 powerfist

20 Poxwalkers


Helbrute with Lascannons



Blight drone with spitters


Las Predator

Defiler with Scourge


Rhino with havoc launcher

gallery_63428_7083_6894.pngX2Nostraman_zpsf4be09e4.png WHTV40kListsHeader Custodes



Wolf Lord Loki

Wolf Lord Loki


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Well from one new plague monkey to another - Hi!!

What sort of tactics did you have in mind for this list i'm guessing its a stand off and shoot type of list?

EDIT- actually i've looked at the list again and i think i might have been wrong about it. The spawn, mortarion, rhino and bloat drone are more 'in you face' tactics.

What about swapping the predator for another rhino and a Blightbringer to speed your poxwalkers up?

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That lone spawn is a likely First Blood for your opponent, I'd consider adding one more and making them a unit, which may help them become a bullet magnet for your other units. You could also drop the spawn altogether and grab a second rhino so that both units of PMs can move up the board quickly. As it is, with no deep strikers and a single bloat drone, there isn't much Turn 1 threat for your opponent to deal with and that isn't good for Mortarion.

Lord Marshal

Lord Marshal


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Get Plasma Guns onto your Champions if possible (Easy-to-Build DG or the Plague Marine box) just for saturation and see about bumping 'em up to seven. Five in my experience is just few enough to be 'meh' whilst seven is a nice, fluffy number without making the unit too large.  


A solo Spawn is a walking First Blood magnet (as Shake says). If you're attached to the idea of them, add more to make 'em a proper unit but for the points spent on that I think you'd be better off spending them elsewhere. I'd see about swapping them out for another Blight-drone (Plaguespitters or a Fleshmower) if you can make up the points elsewhere. Morty really benefits from having another fast unit along side of him so there's other targets to aim for. 


I'd probably look at a Plagueburst over the Defiler, maybe two in the long-term. 


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