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2k facing Death Guard

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Rune Priest Ridcully

Rune Priest Ridcully


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So I am facing DG next week, any advice on facing them? I;m thinking of trying this:
Sorcerer with force sword and plasma pistol
20 rubrics (Aspiring sorcerer with force sword, inferno bolt pistol, 15 with inferno bolt guns, 2 with warpflamers, 2 with soulreaper cannons)
8 rubrics (aspiring sorcerer with force axe and inferno bolt pistol, 2 with warpflamers, 5 with inferno boltguns)
Rhino with combi botler
5 Rubrcis (Aspiring sorcerer with force staff and inferno bolt pistol, 3 with Inferno boltguns, one with soulreaper cannon)
Chaos Xiphon interceptor

Daemonprince with wings and hellforged sword 
Hellforger Predetor with Plasma destroyer and two lascannons
Chaos Hellbrute with twin lascannon and missile launcher
Chaos hellbrute with Hellbrute plasma cannon and missile launcher
Part of me is tempted to try and somehow fit a vindicator in just for the S10

Need Snot green paint, will trade bits/pay for it.

QUOTE (Kol_Saresk @ Oct 22 2012, 06:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I love how GW creates the Warp Talon to be some sort of super-powered Raptor, and instead it's become the king-of-all-kitbashes.





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Never faced the new Death guards but that sounds like an intersting and good list to fight them.