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The Word Bearers host of questionable purgation (Pic Heavy)

Word Bearers XVII Chaos Marines

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The Host of questionable purgation

Word Bearers Legion


Hello guys and welcome to my Word Bearers Log.

I am starting this in order to keep track of my vows for the Call of Chaosss X and to see if I can finish this army fast.

I was planning to use these minis for a loyalist chapter but meeeehhhhhhhhhhh chaos is better for me. Besides they scream Word Bearers everytime I look at them.


I still have to do a lot of Green stuff work like candles, scrolls and such but I hope I can make this army work before the end of the Call of chaosss.


Anyways here are the units I will work in and a bit of a Fluff description for each one of them.




Here are my Dark Apostle, Diabolist (Sorceror) and Coryphaus (Chaos Lord).

I still have to find some names for them but since they are the leaders of the Host they are fit to be shrouded in a little of mystery, don't you think? XD




These are The Anointed. Each Word Bearers host are bound to have some protectors for their Leaders and this Questionable host wont be the exception. I Am planning to add lots of candles to these as well as some strips of skin for them to write their vows with the blood of innocents.




These are The Choir Eternal (counts as Noise Marines)

They are devotees to the god of pleasure and spread its word on the many wars the host are bound to fight. Of course, these are the ones that have to be most heavily converted with green stuff and such.




The Companions (Chosen).

They are the heirs of the work of the Ashen Circle of old. They like to burn stuff, topple monuments and make things blow (like tanks).
I was thinking to paint them with the blood red scheme but add some black parts to their hand like scorched by flames.




The Blooded Sons (Chaos Marines)

Every warband has to have normal chaos marines and these will represent them. I chose to do a shooty squad with heavy bolter, plasmaguns and bolters because I felt I needed some normal strenght ranged support, as well because each time i think of a rank and file marine I picture him with a boltgun instead of a bolt pistol and chainsword.


I will add 2 squads of 20 cultists to the host; one with autoguns and flamers and the other one with brutal close combat weapons and pistols, and flamers, but they will come later as I have to finish building them.


Lots of gs work in order to make them look less like grey knights, I know but it will be worth the effort in the end, I promise in the name of Lorgar.


If you have any suggestion on how to do something or how to decorate them in order to look more chaosy please comment it.

Thank you for reading!

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Update time!

I spent almost all the afternoon and night painting the dark apostle and the diabolist, but still lots of work to be done.

Here is how they are at the moment: (if they look wet its because i put agrax earthshade to try to tone them down because they are too pink)




puls greta the cow spawn of nurgle (because moooo)




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Hi guys, another update.


I managed to fix the red but had to do a glaze of mephiston red and repaint the highlights mixed with oranges this time and had to re do the runes on the armour. I hope it looks fine. Now all there is left is the scriptre in white, colchisian runes in white, highlight the blacks, the skin the metallics, the browns and the bone. And of course paint the legion symbols and the flames on the combi bolter and plasma pistol.

And do the candles and the skin parchments XD
lots of work but i will get there some day!





The Diabolist






The Dark Apostle



thank you for reading!




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Great looking paint jobs, love the patterns on the Dark Apostle especially! The nurgle cow looks interesting, looking forward to seeing it painted up!

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  My WIP Projects




  Photobucket, I will not forget this betrayal.




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  • Faction: Various

Thank you mate!


I will work on the marines first as they are my entry to the Call of Chaossss. But I will work on greta as soon as i am done with them (she deserves it, as I haven't painted her for like 3 years or so XD)


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