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[Exodites] Looking for Lore / Rules


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Curious as to what is the most definitive (non-web based, ie books / articles) source of lore / rules for Exodites? 



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I'd have to look at my 2nd ed Eldar codex when I get home from work but...pretty sure they had exodite dragon knights in there. Unsure about newer rules.


Edit - 


Got home and cracked open the old 2nd ed codex it has rules for exodite dragon knights, and lords. Also contains a 2 page fluff bit earlier in the book, lexicanum does a pretty good job of getting the gist of it. Also looking at lexi, the sources used for the page are:

  • 1: Promethean Sun (Novella); artwork by Neil Roberts
  • 2: Codex: Eldar (2nd Edition), 1994
    • 2a: p. 76
    • 2b: p. 16
    • 2c: pp. 16-17
  • 3: Codex: Eldar (4th Edition), 2006, p 48

I have not seen any updated rules for exodites unfortunately sad.png

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The "Path of..." Eldar/Dark Eldar novels both touch variously on Exodite Eldar stories. They're not purely Exodite focused, but they make for fairly compelling reading.

I'm sure the recent Deathwatch: Ignition anthology has one of its stories (Raven Guard one, ig memory serves) focuses on an Exodite/Marine encounter. Quite good too as I recall.

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