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Collaborative Xenos Creation Project

Liber Unity Project DIY Liber Xenos The Liber Xenos

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You could go the route of an alliance of Xenos species that utilise a shared battleforce.

For example a group of species brought together through their usage of battle robots. Each species would bring their own enhancements to their particular robots. For example:

One race could be synthetic and their robots could be more intelligent. Another race could be cyborgs and their robots more durable. Then another race could be master craftsmen and their robots could have more powerful weaponry.

There is a lot of avenues, another idea would be a mercenary race that hires themselves out to other races.

Mol don't you have a reptilian race you were working on that could provide inspiration?
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Doctor Perils

Doctor Perils


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I'm put in the mind, somehow, of the Tholians from Star Trek, being characters in suits that do not operate in human-standard environments.

Ah, wasn't aware that star trek had done something like that ^^

On the amphibious possibility, octopoi can survive on land for a time, and they are really amazing creatures


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Servant of Dante

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Just popping in to mention we do now know whereabouts in the galaxy we’ll be. The events will take place somewhere near-ISU Dimmamar, which is surprisingly actually marked on GW’s new galactic map (it’s a bit north of the Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath, in the Sementum Obscurous).

I say nearish because the planet that will be attacked by the Xenos (and chaos apparently) will be a shrine world in that region of space. So I guess these xenos’ home region of the galaxy needs to be near enough to there for the attack to make sense?

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Commissar Molotov

Commissar Molotov


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Hi, I don't think that this has been conclusively determined - I reply to you at length in the Sororitas thread. 


Apologies for the lack of progress here - the bulk of the Liber project appears to be on the Taurans for now - but this will be updated soon! 

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Would taking a Xenos species mentioned in 40K but not in any real detail be a place to start from or do you want something completely original? The Khrave, for instance, seem like a good place to make an army. They are mentioned as enemies of the Imperium as far back as the Great Crusade so they wouldn't be a sudden surprise. More importantly they fill the troupe of brain eating aliens who use others as cattle, unlike the tyrranids who just eat you then and there. Besides, you know you want to stat up a gun that's called an extinction carbine.

One thing I had thought of for them was that they are not a naturally sentient species and have to feed on the minds of other sentient species to remain that way. I was thinking that they actually send their young into battle as feral packs with a matriarch to direct them and those that survive and gain sentience are welcomed into society as individuals.

Xenarchs are another option but I know less about them than the Khrave. I don't know if they have a good troupe to add to the game.
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