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Grinding advance

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Does the codex replace the index?

As we are still paying the same points and getting less with no orders and regimental rules




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The forge world index for Renegades and Heretics says 'get the stats for Imperial units from the IG index' so RAW we are kinda stuck with old and crappy rules. RAI (I know, boo hiss), it likely only says that because the index was the only place rules were published at the time; FW isn't going to tell you to look in a non-existent codex.

I'd talk to your opponent about the discrepancy. My IG opponent let me use the new and updated rules on Sunday and our Leman Russ slugged it out, my traitors against his loyalists. It was fun.

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Well GW have always stated you use the newest version of a dataslate so since the leman rules Renegades can select from the index are now invalidated by the codex you would use the newer option from the codex
From GW in regards to codex books
""Are the rules changing?
Yes, many units’ rules in their codexes will alter from those in the indexes. Sometimes this is to better represent the miniatures and the background, sometimes to balance the game, and sometimes to better fit with the army’s new special rules in the codex itself. In all cases, these will then supersede the rules for that datasheet in the index book."

So it seems pretty clear you should be able to though it is FW which have never usually upadate their units / armies oftern when it comes to GW releasing a codex which causes problems for their work
I'd say yes but usually it's better to ok it with your opponent though you may encounter a jerk or two because of it

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