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The Space Marine Secret Police! Caillum's Minotaurs plog

Space Marines Minotaurs WIP

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So I did a thing.




I re-discovered a bunch of random Space Marines, all of which were unpainted and doing a whole lot of nothing. Rather than going and starting an entire Ork army, I turned these bad boys towards a new project! Lachdannan and I have dipped our toes into 8th Edition, and it's different enough to start new armies for!


Let's be honest - the Badab War was cool. Carcharodons were originally on my list of armies to do (I have a transfer sheet I refuse to let go of), but the 3 beautiful Minotaur models that Forge World made have sold them to me. The Inquisition connection makes them pretty interesting too, especially when you start trying to identify their geneseed origins! I put in a bulk order, they arrived, and I'm on my way after a solid spray-painting session.




I had a chat with a few people about getting their bronze armour done quickly. A GW manager suggested trying the Retributor Armour spray, then hitting it with multiple layers of Agrax Earthshade gloss. I was tempted to add in some Coelia Nightshade to get that classic bronze oxidation, but I figure the Minotaurs aren't actually wearing armour made of bronze, so I gave it a miss. Here's my test model...




Rushed it a bit, so there's a few slips and plenty more detail to add, but I am really happy with the initial result! It looks a lot brighter in the photo than real life, but when I have some proper results to show off I will get some clean photos taken!


As always, I am working towards a list. Here's my currently assembled force of 1205 points:



Lord Asterion Moloc: Iron Resolve xxx

Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi xxx

Hecaton Aiakos xxx



5 Tactical Marines: Space Marine Sergeant (chainsword; combi-plasma); 4 Tactical Marines; plasma gun 89

5 Tactical Marines: Space Marine Sergeant (chainsword; combi-plasma); 4 Tactical Marines; plasma gun 89

5 Tactical Marines: Space Marine Sergeant (chainsword; combi-plasma); 4 Tactical Marines; plasma gun 89



5 Devastators: Space Marine Sergeant (storm bolter; chainsword); 4 Devastators; heavy bolter; 3 x missile launcher 152

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought: 2 twin autocannons 172



  • Battalion Detachment

Chapter Tactics: Iron Hands


1205 points

Power Rating 63

Command Points 6


So here we go! Heading into Christmas, so I will be busier than normal, but I feel like I will get this done quicker than I usually do. Also, for 2000 points, I plan on running this list, and I have nearly everything on hand already.


Thanks for dropping by!

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The Battle of Paramar Nexus - Caillum's HH Plog




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You're not kidding when you say bulk order tongue.png Test model looks nice so looking forward to seeing more painted up thumbsup.gif

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That's a sexy Minotaur.

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Bjorn Firewalker

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It's rare to see a model reloading his weapon. The paint job is well done. Good job.
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It's rare to see a model reloading his weapon.



That might be an indication that they aren't shooting enough.


Your Minotaurs are looking very good and I like what you've done on the reds.

Posted Image

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Promising start. Now, please show us more. :P

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Regular marines! You've got the red down, the armour's a bit more golden than I tend to view Minotaurs, but it's well done all the same.

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Great looking model. I think the gold and Agrax works really well. Beautiful red too.
Can’t wait to see Moloc painted. That is one of my favourite models and will be the reason I eventually start a Minotaurs army myself. You’re thread is going to make that harder to resist. :)

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