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Index Imperialis: Invalice Legions

Astra Militarum Regiments

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Regiment Name: Invalacian Legions

Moniker: Stormtroopers


Homeworld: Invalice Minor



Formed during the Great Crusade from the great armies of Invalice Major, known as the Lahvu. When the Imperium arrived and the language of Invalice had been translated they became known by a new name. They were the Invalacian Legions. Some Imperial officials took offence at this as only the Astartes were legion and lesser warriors should not take the name. However after fighting alongside the natives of the far flung world Lion El'Jonson defended the name, declaring that it was a fitting name for the armies of Invalice.

During the Heresy many Legions were recalled to Invalice to defend the system from the Warmaster's forces. Being so far from many Loyalist forces and suffering attacks from the Night Lords and their allies and forced to rely on the Legions after Dark Angels forces were recalled for unknown reasons.


After the Heresy contact was lost with the Invalice system, whether the location of the distant system was lost or hidden is unknown. Until the Angels of Shadow Chapter rediscovered the system in the first century of the 35th Millennium, the wargear of the Legions had changed very little since last contact, much of which had to be surrendered to the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, again thanks to Astartes intervention, the Legions were able to keep several of the STC to a number of machines and weapons so that the Legions could remain at “optimal levels of combat readiness”. At the closing of the 41st Millennium the troopers of the Invalacian Legions appear to be armed with antiquated armour and weaponry, albeit updated to match their peers in other regiments.


Combat Doctrine:

The preferred style of combat of each of the Legions is as varied as the foes they face. Despite this many of the Legions have a similar approach to war at their core, operating with a ratio of 3:1 Infantry to Armoured Companies.


Some Legions, like the 212th, have a higher number of armoured companies and even whole artillery companies. Others, such as the 104th, have a preference for airborne insertions and operate alongside increased numbers of Navy assets.


One thing of note is a total lack of abhuman auxiliary forces, for the Legions recruit exclusively from the Invalice system, to which contains no abhumans. They are generally viewed with disdain, worth even less than trained beasts rather than being related to men.




Example of a Trooper



Example of a Sergeant



Example of a Commando


Famous Regiments:

Since their homeworld was brought back into the Imperium, the regiments of Invalice have performed their duty with honour and distinction. As with any force of Astra Militarum, some regiments have been lost to history while others are an amalgamation of two depleted regiments. Some of the Regiments have gone on to become well known, building their own legacies.


501st Legion:

The oldest surviving regiment of the Invalice Legions, the 501st has the longest list of accolades of their kin. Some jealous commanders point out that as the oldest Invalacian Legion that they would naturally have the most honours, to which the Invalacians respond that such sentiment is insult to the glories of the dead.

Currently lead by Commander Aranakos Dawnsbane


212th Legion:

Officially designated as a Drop Troop regiment despite primarily being an armoured regiment, the 212th Legion excel at aerial insertions, able to take and form beachheads in the most difficult of terrain. Most of their artillery are mounted on carriages and the like, able to be deployed and set up with lightning speed or towed behind their many vehicles. One of their most famous victories was the assault on the planet Euepa Tau Prime, striking from orbit and taking the capitol city within a week despite the fact that it was nestled in the walls of one of the gargantuan sinkholes that covered the planet.

Currently lead by Commander Ozrakas Bladekin


104th Legion:

Known by the moniker of the Thorn Wolves, named after beast of the same name from their homeworld, the 104th Legion are particularly fierce. Frequently painting icons of predatory creatures upon their armour, the 104th are a light infantry regiment famous for their ambush tactics, stalking their foes for days or even weeks before a sudden and lethal strike from all directions.

Currently lead by Commander Ralshoon Miststalker

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