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Macro Weaponry

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What are your thoughts on Macro weaponry and do you houserule them at all in your games?

Personally I find the idea necessary as weapons that large need a type with their own rules. However, doing double damage against <Titanic> units is often too much - when a Warhound with the right weapon choice has the potential to instagib anything up to a Phantom on T1 then it simply doesn't scale well enough.

The question is how to fix it (other than sorting out the Eldar shields or course, but that a gripe for another day)




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Macro will never come up in 99% of normal games (it requires both sides have a titan) and is pretty much designed for those weird apocalypse games where people pretend they're playing Adeptus Titanicus except full sized. If it helps you sleep at night, think of it like a tank destroyer.

Well would you look at the time, it's zombie o'clock!




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No need for double the damage. Most of the titan weapons do so much damage to a single target that its not needed. However some of the larger blast type weapons should have splash damage like the deathstrike.

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