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1500 Pure Death Guard

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Hi, all.


I'm trying to build pure DG list, so no daemons or units from other CSM bands. Also I have half of starter box, which includes Malignant Plaguecaster, Lord of Contagion, Noxious Blightbringer, Plague Marines (champion with fist+bolt pistol+plague sword, 1 guy with plasmagun and 5 bolters), Foetid Bloat-drone (Plaguespitters), 20 poxwalkers. Also I have Typhus, Chaos Lord (axe+plasma) and Rhino (which is not yet actually built). It's not necessary for me to use all of these models, but it's definitely preferable. So, my attempts to build a 1500 list looks like here:

Battalion Detachment


    Malignant Plaguecaster - 110 pts

    Typhus - 175 pts


    Plague Marines (champion with Plasma and Powerfist - no chances to get another one without conversion, 2 Plasmaguns, 4 bolters) - 185 pts

    Poxwalkers (11 zombies) - 66 pts

    Poxwalkers (11 zombies) - 66 pts

    Poxwalkers (10 zombies) - 66 pts

  Fast Attack
    Foetid Bloat-drone (plaguespitters) - 158 pts
  Heavy Support
    Plagueburst Crawler (Heavy Slugger, Entropy Cannons) - 156 pts

  Dedicated Transport

    Chaos Rhino (Combi-plasma) - 87 pts

Vanguard Detachment


    Chaos Lord (Combi-Plama, Power Axe) - 94 pts


    Biologus Putrifier - 74 pts

    Noxious Blightbringer - 70 pts

    Plague Surgeon - 65 pts

    Plague Surgeon - 65 pts

    Tallyman - 67 pts

Looks like 1498 points in total. 2 detachments to get extra Command Point.


Play with this list I see like this:

  • Plagueburst Crawler fires as far as it can and tries to make an opponent sad from the early beginning
  • Rhino with Plague Marines, Chaos Lord, Plague Surgeon and Biologus Putrifier moves to the center of the battlefield and disembarks all of them into any cover. Here we have 5 plasmaguns with re-roll of 1, FNP with re-roll of 1 and a chance to throw zounds of upgraded grenades to anyone who comes close. 18" of Rapid Fire from plasmaguns sounds really scary.
  • Typhus, Plaguecaster, Plague Surgeon, Noxious Blightbringer and Tallyman are hidden besides (or inside) poxwalkers and attempts to advance through the battlefield destroying everything they see. Upgrades from Typhus, psychic powers from Plaguecaster, up from Tallyman and Surgeon - this makes poxwalkers identical or even stronger than Plague Marines in CC.
  • Drone acts as the only relatively fast unit which can put some flames into the game or score objectives. If it's destroyed whilst Rhino is still alive - Rhino can take place of "fast unit".


Could anybody point to weak places of the list (besides the speed certainly smile.png )? May be some advances regarding changes in the list that can make it better?


Thanks in advance.




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Decent list trying to make use of the models you have. Are you aiming for competitive play or just for fun? If you are playing just for fun you are doing everything correctly except one thing. You want your Poxwalkers in max sized units. They will get shredded by any fire pointed their way and you opponent will want to point them at you. I would suggest breaking them into at least two squads for the time being putting their numbers to 16 in each unit. Still not the best but it is way better that the 10-11 you have now. 


Or than that I would need to know if you are playing competitive or not. As a fun list you are good to go. 




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Hi, Aothaine. Thanks for the reply. I'm not going to participate in champs or things like this at least right now, so, yes - this list is for fun games only.

Regarding Poxwalkers - that what I was thinking about. 3 units of Poxwalkers - it's the result of my disappointment to the content of "Dark Imperium" box. Plague Marines are not cool at all here. There is no Blight Launcher, no melee choices and only 1 plasma. At real these  guys are great only for hobby part, not for gaming. So first idea was to put them onto the shelves and have 3 units of Poxwalkers in the roster. And only after that I decided to give them a chance. So, yes - at real I'll use 2*16 Poxwalkers to keep rule "Diseased Horde" work as long as possible.

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