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Blast from the past...

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Another newbie here who has come back to 40k!
Used to play Epic and had a vast 15,000 point army. Most of it unpainted mind. Anyway, 17 years past and it all got lost/sold apart from 1 Warlord Titan.

2.5 years ago I was visiting Chester and as I usually do I bobbed my head in the window of a GW to check out the miniatures as I'd done for the 17 years. Not sure what was different that time but I went in and bought a pack of 10 Space Wolves and some Glue...

For the next few months I scoured eBay and bought every Wolf head and wolf shoulder pad I could find to make the perfect wolf pack of grey hunters, then I won a bid for the Space Wolves from the Stormclaw box set and found myself with a lot more, so I bought the rules and codex, and by this point my friend Chris was painting some of my miniatures (I still can't paint).

6 months after my purchase my daughter arrived so it all got put in storage boxes out the way. Then my friend Chris got tennis elbow so painting the miniatures I had given him stopped there as well.

2 months ago Chris gave me back my miniatures as was selling all his stuff as no one was playing it and the 8th edition (he thought) made all his guys irrelevant).

Not sure what it was but I couldn't sell my stuff, and loads was still not even built. So I started looking at someone to paint them - I can build (IMO) some great looking figures, kitbash etc, green stuff even, but I really don't have the patience to paint.

After getting no replies back from Studios I found someone on eBay and gave him 15 guys to paint to match the 10 my friend Chris had finished. I was more than happy with the results and half my army is painted so far.

I bought an 8th Edition Index and rulebook (waiting on collecting rulebook) and started making sure my army fit the new rules. This incidentally spurred my friend Chris to start buying Chaos Death Guard so he's back into it. We just need a gaming board and scenery to start learning the rules all over again (we hadnt even learned the 7th edition last time!).

So I'm currently the proud owner of the following army (all helmeted as just not a fan of helmetless), as you will tell I kind of went off of the deepend considering I don't even have the full rule book in my hands yet. Will try upload photos once I've done enough posts smile.png

Thoughts welcome smile.png

Chapter - Space Wolves

Colour Scheme - Dark and dirty


Wolf Lord Ragnor Blackbane - Made from Krom Dragongaze with a customised Grey Knight Helmet and Double Bladed Chainsword.
Ragnor 1

Rune Priest - Made from a commander Unit and Krom Dragongaze's axe.
Rune Priest 1

Lukas the Trickster - Made from spare parts, warp talon lightning claw, and green stuff.

Lukas 4

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Made from Geigor Fell Hand, customised Grey Knight Helmet, Grey Knight Sword and Green Stuff - Probably my favourite model!
Wolf Guard Battle Leader 5

Lone Wolf Terminator - Built, see Wolf Guard Below


2 x Grey Hunter Squads (2 x 11) - Had to add extra guy to each unit as 8th Rules class Wolf Guard Pack Leader as an addition, not part of the 10 squad.
Grey Hunter Pack 1
Grey Hunter Pack 2

1 x Blood Claw Squad (16) - Had to add extra guy to unit as 8th Rules class Wolf Guard Pack Leader as an addition, not part of the 15 squad.
Blood Claw Pack

1 x Wolf Guard Squad (10) - Being Painted at moment, only got a photo of the leader.
Wolf Guard Pack Leader

1 x Wolf Guard Jump pack Squad (10) - Made from Warp Raptors and Wolf pack parts and floating with Primaris flying stems - 5 being painted, 5 just finished being built
Wolf Guard Jump Pack 1 To 5
Wolf Guard Jump Pack 6 To 10.JPG

1 x Wolf Guard Terminator Squad (10) - 4 built only, 6 still not built. 5th one here is going to be a lone wolf.
Terminators & Loan Wolf


Landraider Crusader - Unbuilt as its a Xmas present but a bargain on ebay

Planned (Eventually):

Custom Wolf Priest Chaplin, going to start with the Blood Angels Jump Pack Chaplin.
Long Fangs/Devastator Squad
Primaris Dreadnaught, although may wait for a Space Wolf specific version to come out.

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Nice intro and welcome. Do you think you'll ever give painting a whirl in the future, especially with the advances in sprays/airbrushes and whatnot? The B&C is pretty good at advising on that sort of thing :)

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  • Location:UK - Lancashire and Greater Manchester
  • Faction: Space Wolves
Thanks :)

I actually plan to, certainly would be cheaper, but I was impatient to have an army done and currently have little space for painting with a 2 year old about. It’s bad enough packing away the curing board l, craft knife etc.

Ideally I want a second army so that there is something for friends to play against. (my mate Dan likes the game just not the inclination, space, time or understanding wife to start again)

So I would paint that. My first and second choice would be Blood Angels and Dark Angels, but I’m not planning on starting another Horus Heresy.

So as my mate Chris is doing Chaos, (Ironic as he did have a load of Grey Knights) I think it’s a toss up between Eldar, Tau and Orks. I have a feeling Orks might be the easier to paint, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Eldar, and the Tau is very Anime/Manga robots which is cool too.

The guy who’s painting my space wolves is really good. I’d argue my friend Chris is on a par in general, but my Krom/Ragnor conversion looks great, a dead on match to what I photoshopped (now THAT I am good at!)




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Welcome to the B&C :tu:

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Welcome to the B&C! Don't forget to share pictures of your army somewhere here! :tu:

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  • Location:UK - Lancashire and Greater Manchester
  • Faction: Space Wolves

Welcome to the B&C! Don't forget to share pictures of your army somewhere here! :tu:

Will do, is it something 20 posts before you can post photos? Need to check the rules...




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  • Location:UK - Lancashire and Greater Manchester
  • Faction: Space Wolves

Photos Uploaded. Sadly didn't realise I haven't got photos of my Standard Wolf Guard Pack. They're currently being painted so will have them soon.


Damo H Space Wolves Gallery

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Slave to Darkness


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Thanks smile.png

I actually plan to, certainly would be cheaper, 

Thats why you need a fatty friend like myself, my mate payed me to paint his Orks and payment was pork pies,  some cans of Hobgoblin and a packet of smokes. 

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