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2000 points vs Iron Warriors - batrep

Blood Angels battle report

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Well I had a game against a rather large Infantry heavy Iron Warriors army yesterday. I'll break down the game and armies here for y'all. We used the objective cards to randomly generate the game, that was really cool. We drew the mission as Burn something, I can't remember the exact name, the one where you place 3 objectives each and you have to destroy the enemy's objective and had to generate two twists for that we got Acid Rain and Restoratives. 


The armies were as thus:


Chaos Brigade Detachment


Chaos Lord: Terminator Armor, Combi-melta, Chainfist

Warpsmith: Flamer, Meltagun, Poweraxe

10 Man Chaos Squad: Bolters, Autocannon, Plasmagun

10 Man Chaos Squad: Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword, Meltagun, Champion with Powerfist

16 Chaos Cultists Autogun, Heavy Stubber, Flamer

5 man Terminator: Reaper Autocannon, Combi-melta, x3 Combi-bolter, Powerfist x2, Power Axe, Power Maul, Chain Fist

Hellbrute: Multimelta

Hellbrute: Missile Launcher, Reaper Autocannon

5 Chaos Bikers: Meltagun, Power Fist

Forgefiend: 2x Hades Autocannon, Demon Jaws

5 Havocs: x4 Aurocannon

3 Obliterators

Heldrake: Hades Autocannon, Heldrake Claws


Blood Angel Spearhead Deatchment


Captain in Gravis Armor: Boltstorm Gauntlet, Master Crafted Power Sword

x2 Lieutenants: Mastercrafted Auto Bolt Rifle, Power Sword

Primaris Ancient: Bolt Rifle

5 Hellblaster: Plasma Incenerator

Baal Predator: Twin Assault Cannon

Baal Predator: Twin Assault Cannon

Predator: Predator Autocannon, x2 Lascannon


Blood Angel Vanguard Detachment



5 Death Company: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

5 Assault Terminators: x4 Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Furioso Dreadnought: Blood Talons, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer

Stormraven: Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Multimelta, x2 Stormstrike Missile, x2 Hurricane Bolter


Deployed DC in reserve and Termmies and Dread in Stormraven, the rest was deployed around two objectives clustered on one side of my deployment zone, he was spread across the table width with our flyers in opposite corners. I had first turn so I screamed the Stormraven right in the butt of his Heldrake and moved one Baal up about 6" to make sure I was in range of his bikers, Captain moved to position himself so as many heavies were inside his bubble same with on of the Lieutenants the other as in between a Baal and the Pred, hellbasters moved to get within range to rapid fire. DC hasn't landed yet. Firing was Baal blasting 3 bikers to death, Hellblasters took the forgefiend down 6 wounds, and the Stormraven took the Heldrake down 5 wounds. First he rolled for regens, the Forgefiend sitting next to his Warpsmith got 1 for normal regen 2 more from the Smith and 3 from the twist card, the Heldrake got 1 from regen and 2 more from twist card, bikers got 2 wounds back from twist card so 1 biker came back. He moved his Bikers closer the offending Baal and the Forgefiend moved closer to the Stormraven. His shooting was mostly concentrated on the Stormraven, but with the Acid Rain he was at a -2 to hit it normally and the Drake, because it moved was -3, so the Drake did 2 damage and the Havocs did 1, and the Bikers took off 6 from that Baal, dang Melta at half range, the Fiend shot at the Pred and took 3 wounds off, then he charged, only the Drake, he forgot about the bikers. Drake wiffed all hits. He then rolled for the Rain, it remained in effect, in fact it remained the entire game


Turn 2. I rolled regens from twist card, Baal got back 1 wound, Pred got 2 back and Raven got 2. I repositioned the Hellbasters to fire at the fiend, the Raven dropped off the termies and Dread then moved around behind the Drake. Firing Baal shot up the bikers again, killing just one, Pred, other Baal and Hellblasters shot up the Fiend taking a paltry 4 wounds off it, Raven opened up again on the drake taking it down to 2 wounds remaining. Dread shot flamer and melta at the Warpsmith, taking one wound off him. Termies charged close combat marines and dread charged Warpsmith. Dread turned the traitor into a red smear and the termies killed all but 2 of the marines, they in turn killed one termie then failed leadership by 2 so they went bye bye. His rolls to regain health was 2 for the fiend and 2 for the Drake and he got his dead biker back. He moved the Brutes up towards my lonely objective within 12" of it, so it's gonna be gone next turn. and his bikers moved within 2" of Baal and the Fiend moved closer to the Pred, Drake again moved closer to the Raven. Shooting was a little better for him time around, the Bikers took the Baal down to 1 wound, the Havocs, Drake and Marines took the Raven down to 5 wounds, Acid Rain rally helping me out with that guy. His Fiend shot even more at the Pred taking 2 wounds off him, the Reaper/Missle Brute missing the second Baal entirely. He charged his bikers into the Baal the Fiend into the Pred and the Drake into Raven, Overwatch worked out pretty well this time, killed a biker, killed the Drake flat out and took 2 more wounds off the Fiend, he's now down to 4 I think. The bikers destroy the Baal the Fiend puts 3 wounds on the Pred.


Turn 3. My termmies move to destroy one of his objectives, the raven flies over to put an end to the havocs, the Dread moves closer to Objective 2 the Hellblasters move to shoot up the remaining bikers and the Captain, Lieutenant and Ancient move to deal with the Fiend. The Pred backs up out of combat. Lemartes shows up with DC buddies 10" away from the cultists guarding Objective 2, was the closest I could get to them with the terrain. Shooting was Raven killing all but 2 of the Havocs, Baal wiffing against the Fiend, Hellblasters wiping out the acursed bikers, the rest of the HQ dudes shooting at the Fiend taking it down to 2 wounds. Dread and DC shoot at the cultists killing 3. CHARGE! Dread charged Cultists the DC and Lemartes both rolled 12 for charges so into the cultists they go. Lieutenant and Captain charge into Fiend. Fiend wiffs overwatch, and FNP saves one DC dude. Fighting goes very badly for him. Fiend is killed by the Captain and the cultists... well they didn't make it. Termmies and DC destroy both Objectives. His turn, he moves the Brutes closer his termies move to now be able to shoot at stuff and he regains 1 Havoc back. His shooting didn't cause any wounds to anything, he charged with Marines into the my Dread. He failed to wound it and the Dread in turn killed 3, he passed his leadership. End of turn. He calls the game citing he doesn't have enough left to get to my last Objectives as I've pretty much got my entire army left on the board and he's down to 2 and a half squads and a Lord.


All in all, it was a pretty tough game and really could have gone either way, the Dice Gods just seemed to favor me more yesterday.

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Are Verlo

Are Verlo


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Sounds like a good game. Now and then we have a game where everything dice-related goes as planned and this must be it.
The cards seems fun, I have yet to play with them.




  • 68 posts
  • Location:Seattle, Washington
  • Faction: Blood Angels

Yeah it was a really cool twist to the game, more interesting. We did however forget about CP in this game but mainly due to the fun we were having I think.

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