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Death Guard - 1500/2000 - Fluffy and aggressive?

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playing my next game in a week and will give you some feedback how it goes, game will be at 1500 points, unless my opponent manages to build enough for 2k game.


Here's what I'll be running, what do you think? No PBC's, Morty, Typhus or poxwalkers..


Batallion detachment


Chaos Lord > plasma pistol > balesword > {Fugaris' helm} (87p)

Daemon prince with wings > {suppurating plate} > daemonic axe > miasma of pestilence (180p)


7x plague marines > 4x boltgun > 3x plasma gun (172p)

7x plague marines > 4x boltgun > 3x plasma gun (172p)

7x plague marines > flail > mace & axe > axe & knife > 3x double knife > power fist & plaguesword on champ (173p)


Chaos rhino > combi-bolter (72p)


Foetid bloat-drone > 2x plaguespitters > plague probe (158p)

Foetid bloat-drone > 2x plaguespitters > plague probe (158p)

Vanguard detachment
Malignant plaguecaster > putrescent vitality > blades of putrefaction (110p)
Biologus putrifier > {plaguebringer} (74p)
Tallyman (67p)
Foul blightbringer (77p)
1500 points.
And here's the possible 500 point add on.
Spearhead detachment for additional CP.
Daemon prince of Nurgle > wings > 2x malefic talons (180p) 
7x plague marines > 5x boltgun > 2x blight launcher > plaguesword on champ (162p)
Foetid bloat-drone > 2x plaguespitters > plague probe (158p)
There. Do I need to talk tactics? Elites embark on the rhino with cc PM squad. Advance with the rhino, buff smoke and most likely disembark on T2. Prince(s) and plague-drones advance and try to tie up and reach enemy lines T2. I want multiple equal threats my enemy to shoot at so I can hope that resiliency of DG will let me breach the lines with minimal casualties if no cover is available. Rest of the army capture objectives and stay within chaos lord's bubble.
For the remaining 500 points, I could squeeze in 2x PBC and third plague-drone. Also I've got my Typhus, poxwalkers painted up, only need some speed paint cultists, but like in my earlier thread, somehow I don't like the "immobility" of Typhus and his gang. Typhus, 13x pox, 2x 10man autogun & heavy stubber cultists and PBC/FBD would give me 2x batallions for the same points.. quite easy to have some variety on the 1500 points base, which is already painted up and atleast fluffy :)
I'll let you know how the game goes. Feel free to comment on the list and what do you think how do as a all-a-rounder.

Wolf Lord Loki

Wolf Lord Loki


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I for one like it! It does provide multiple threats. Only thing you might struggle with is tanks and monsterous creatures but you cant plan for everything and plasma is very effective on all targets!

I really want to know how the Deathguard hold up without poxwalkers or chaos allies so please let us know how you get on!
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Personally I would swap the blight bringer for a surgeon, he’s decent in combat especially against the loyalists and it doesn’t look like you’re going to be advancing the plasma marines. Otherwise it’s looking good.

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