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Inspirational Friday 2017: If Horus had won... (until 11/24)

Inspirational Friday Inspirational Friday 2017

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For those who do not know it, Inspiration Friday is a (generally) fortnightly weekly event within its home in the Chaos Space Marines forum (but open to all members of the B&C), in which a topic is set for members to write short (or long if the muse takes you) fluff/fan-fic pieces about their war bands, characters and models.
I'm posting this here as well as in other areas of the B&C as I'd really love to see some pieces on this topic from the Eldar point of view...

And here begins our twenty-first challenge of Inspirational Friday 2017: If Horus had won...
In Legion, before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy the xenos Cabal presented the primarchs Alpharius and Omegon with a vision - the Acuity - of the fate of the galaxy. Two paths:
Excerpt from Legion, by Dan Abnett
Hidden Content

And as we all know, at the siege of Terra the (false msn-wink.gif) Emperor was victorious, at a terrible price.
But what would have been the fate of the galaxy, in your opinion, had Horus slain his father and survived?
I ask you to tell us what you believe would have happened had fate taken a different path. Whether or not you follow what the (foul, never to be trusted) xenos Cabal predicted or not is entirely up to you.

IF2017: If Horus had won... runs until the 24th of November.
Let us be inspired.

The most inspirational piece will earn rewards. Not only the Octed amulet...
(For lapdogs of the False Emperor to hide away, or for the followers of the Four to prize)

...but also the honour of judging who wins the next Inspiration Friday (the latter of which you can relinquish to me if you wish).

Please submit your entries (and any questions you might have) in the main IF thread linked to above.

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