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Vulkan in 8th Edition.

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Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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I did a similar thread in the Raven Guard subforum theorizing what Corax's stats, wargear, and special rules might look like when he eventually appears in 8th edition. Since Vulkan is my second favorite Primarch and the Salamanders are my second favorite Chapter (the Raven Guard narrowly beat them when I was deciding on a Chapter to play), I figured I'd do the same for Vulkan. 


Here's my attempt at 8th Edition Vulkan: 




​M     BS​     ​WS     ​S     T     W​     A     LD     ​SV

7"     2+      2+      8     9      9      5      10     2+ 


Vulkan isn't very fast, but he's built like a tank. He's been called the largest and physically strongest of the Primarchs, with only Magnus being taller (but Magnus doesn't have the same mass Vulkan does). He's the polar opposite of my vision of Corax. Where Corax survives by not getting hit very often in the first place, Vulkan is going to take the hit, smile, and hit you back twice as hard. His strength and toughness are both toward the upper end of what I figure the Primarch scale will be. 




First off, we have the special rule that makes Vulkan, well, Vulkan. 


​Perpetual​ - Vulkan is the only Primarch to have inherited the Emperor's Perpetual nature. He's difficult to kill, and when he does die he comes right back. This trait makes him ​incredibly ​difficult to put down. In game terms, he's even more resilient than Mortarion. 


* Any non-mortal wounds dealt to Vulkan are halved (rounded up)

* Vulkan ignores damage dealt on a 5+ 

* At the start of your turn roll a D6. On a 5+ Vulkan regains a lost wound. 


​Protector of Humanity​ - Vulkan has a great deal of empathy for mankind, and it shows itself in his protective nature. Because he knows he is in less danger than those around him due to his nature, he is quick to put himself in harm's way to protect those less durable than himself. 


* If a friendly IMPERIUM unit within 3" of Vulkan is successfully hit, roll a D6. On a 5+ Vulkan will intercept the hit. 


​Unstoppable Advance


* When Vulkan advances do not roll a die, he automatically adds 5" to his movement stat. When charging, roll 3D6 and use the 2 highest.  


XVIII Primarch - Vulkan's incredible craftsmanship is reflected in his sons' wargear. 


* Friendly SALAMANDERS units within 6" of Vulkan get a +1 bonus to all rolls to wound. 




​The Drake Scale​ - Vulkan's personally crafted suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor. 


* Vulkan has a 3+ invulnerable save. 

* Teleport Strike rule. 

* Once per battle Vulkan can use his armor's teleporter to advance and charge in the same turn. However, he cannot fire in the shooting phase if he does so, even if it is an Assault weapon. 


Dawnbreaker​ - This thunder hammer was originally crafted as a gift to Horus upon his promotion to Warmaster. However, Vulkan sensed a great darkness in Horus and decided not to give it to him after all. 


​WEAPON​                               RANGE         ​TYPE             ​STR          AP          DAM             ​SPECIAL RULES


Dawnbreaker - Melee             Melee            Melee              x2             -4             5                 On a wound role of 6, deal an additional D3 damage.


Dawnbreaker - Area               Melee            Melee             User          -2              2                 Sacrifice your attacks for the fight phase to attack every enemy model within 1"


Custom Heavy Bolter                36"             Assault 4            5             -1              2




There's my take on what I'd like to see Vulkan look like. I figure with all that, around 375-400 points should be a fair price for him. 

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Slave to Darkness

Slave to Darkness


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No doubt this will end up on BoLS as breaking news from an industry insider. :lol:


Looks good though. 

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I like it, a lot!

But it's got my juices flowing in a slightly different direction.

That is:
- have his armour negligible (it basically gets obliterated shortly in to most engagements).
- have him have a suite of relics, of which a few may given to his allies (not restricted to Salamanders).
- have his aura effect the Imperium keyword. (Though strictly, I'd not mind if it also helped out the lost and the damned, renegades etc to. I've a vague sense his duty, as time goes on beyond the Heresy, that loyalty to the Throne is nothing compared to loyalty to the 'little people'. I could even see it break some ground re:Xenos, Ynnari, and the Greater Good...)

I think I've just argued to myself that Vulkan might abandon the Imperium, woops.




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I have been thinking about this also. Personally I think Vulcan should be a slow methodical beast.

He shouldn’t have the heavy bolter but a Heavy Flamer.
His close combat attacks should have two profiles like you have only, on a single attack on a hit he causes a Mortal Wound. The area attack should be d3 hits per attack at str no AP, enemy units hit suffer -1 to hit.

His saves would be 2+/3++/4++




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Those stats are all a bit high.
Look at Vulkan in 30k, and look at Guilliman in 30 to 40k to draw inspiration and a realistic representation of what Vulkan would be like.

And no, I don't think he would be tougher than a Landraider or Leviathan Dread.
Anyone can write amazing rules for a wish model/unit. I'd be willing to play against more realistic create a characters.

Edited by Ishagu, 15 November 2017 - 01:00 PM.


Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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  • Faction: Raven Guard and DIY WIP
You don't think a guy who is literally immortal would be difficult to hurt?

I could see dropping his strength, but his toughness should be no lower than 8.

Guilliman already has the come-back-to-life schtick, or I'd have given that to Vulkan in a hearbeat, since he doesn't need any fancy armor to do the same thing.

Slan Drakkos

Slan Drakkos


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I like this a lot.

One thing though, Vulkan got rid of Dawnbringer a while ago. Officially, the last thunderhammer that he used was Doomtremor. Also, I think you should get rid of the heavy bolter and lower his BS. Vulkan was particularly not that good at shooting in 30k. Instead, give him a heavy flamer that can double the range at the cost of decreased strength.




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I'd drop his strength and toughness. I don't remember RG's stats off the top of my head, but he was 6-6, right? If so, make Vulkan a 7-7.

I like 2+/3++/5+++, 5+++  and halving wounds setup. I'd extend that to mortal wounds as well.

Pieces of paper for impassable terrain? My main problem with all of this is it really takes away from the game. A giant sheet of white paper on the table sort of breaks the theme of tiny fake armies running around tiny fake locales.

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