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Hello all

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I am not technically new here or to War Hammer but more of a troller checking out the great work and getting good tips. I use to have a small Space Wolves army and then got out a while. My best friend from high school recently contacted me about mini gaming and got my interest back up. We talked a bit about painting, playing and how it made us poor back in the day. We had dubbed an in law apartment in the basement of his house as the dungeon. We would spend hours on D&D sheets, building mazes and painting minis of all sorts.



We decided to start building and painting again and go from there. Unfortunately 3 weeks later he passed from a heart attack. Honestly I felt lost. Then after the funeral and all things had calmed down I was checking my eBay page. There was like 10 listings of different War Hammer 40K  models we had discussed. I decided to carry on and build our army in his memory. Problem is....he never decided what army he wanted to build. I have bought some tactical sets of Wolves, Blood Angels, Smurfs, and a kill team of Deathwatch. Also snagged some Primaris guys to check out. Anyways I am back and it may not be exactly how I wanted to get back but at least when I am reading   a White Dwarf or window shopping eBay it makes me think of good times that mini gaming brought us and still has to offer. 




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While the circumstances could be better; welcome to the B&C. Did your friend at least talk about what he might like to collect? Maybe you could do your tribute with the DW squad and have them comprised of the chapters he talked of :)

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Unfortunately no. He was into other Minis and some Fantasy and was asking me about who I played and collected when I was heavier into the 40k.  I too think deathwatch as it is compromised of all chapters and I build the Blood Angels and Wolves for me. His army will get a special shelf for display.

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