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Assault Kastelans!

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Flame Boy

Flame Boy


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Just to keep this topic rolling a bit...


Im looking for ideas for converting the assualt kastellans a bit...


nothing too extreme but im not 100% keen on the big fists (or the combo of them and the shoulder flamer)..so id like to swap out at least 50% of the squad to looking a bit different.


Anyone tackled this before or seen good examples anywhere? I play wolves also, so was maybe going to look at using some spare dreadnought claws or something to make them look a bit meaner.


EDIT - found this conversion which is pretty nice! Anyone know where the head is from??



Looks like the Decepticon Shockwave.  


I'm not sure how I didn't notice that but now I can't unsee it. :)




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I see literally nothing wrong with the resemblance :P

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Commorites working with Craftworlders is like Autobots working with Decepticons.


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