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Codex Space Marines

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The Knight Penitent

The Knight Penitent


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Hi B&C,


Coming back to the game after a good ten years out. One thing I've noticed in this time is that the cost of codexes has risen significantly (from c£8 to £30). I'm trying to see if I can save some £££ by not buying everything directly through GW, so does anyone know where I might find the 8th Ed Space Marine codex cheaper in the UK?


I've tried Ebay and triplehelix wargames etc which offer a reasonable discount, however once p&p is taken into account its not so great.




Andy M.

Penitent Knight

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The Knights Penitent

Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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Most of the discount stores offer free shipping if you make a big enough order, if you want just the odd thing then you're right that they aren't worth it.


The Space Marine codex is unfortunately expensive because its like twice the size of some of the other ones (literally double the page count of the Death Guard book) so if you actually want Blood Angels or Dark Angels their's should be a little cheaper if you wait a month for them to come out.




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Welcome to the B&C, sounds like you've been away a long time if those are the prices you were used to ;) Don't forget the likes of inflation etc (nothing ever gets cheaper...) and GW do like their fancier books which unfortunately puts the price up. Hardbacks are nice and I do like coloured pages but would rather a cheaper and smaller soft cover for gaming!


As Closet says the Space Marine codex is larger which doesn't help, I pre-order my codices online to get a 20% discount but that doesn't help if you're late to the party. Unfortunately being a current book that makes finding it second hand hard, especially if you want a bit of a saving so I'm afraid you might need to stump up the cash. However if you're getting back into the hobby and sprucing your forces up you probably won't be ready to game right away, so you could hold off on the codex while you do this in hopes a good price comes along :)

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The Knight Penitent

The Knight Penitent


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Thanks. What you've said was my guess for this so looks like I'll be making that bigger investment!


The Knights Penitent




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Welcome to the B&C and for the more common items, have a look on Darksphere for savings :)


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Hail and welcome to B&C!

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Logan Storm

Logan Storm


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On line auction site like EBay and Amazon tend to do stuff cheaper as well as used codex's and models/parts for much cheaper prices than GW, you can even find several alternative parts that can be used on your models out there too...uh can't remember the sites names off the top of my head but I'm sure if you ask around here they'll be able to link you to them.

After all just because GW wants to charge insane amounts for their products doesn't mean you have to pay that much.

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