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1000 points doubles (Khorne Daemon allies)

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Hey guys with the points updates from chapter approved I have written a list for an upcoming doubles event next year. The event is 1000 points per player, most likely 2 detachments per 1000 points. 


My ally is likely to be running Skarbrand with blood letters and other melee orientated units.


Battalio Detachment




Exalted Sorceror, force staff



Hellforged Contemptor, Deathclaw with combi-bolter, multi-melta

Hellforged Sicaran, heavy bolter sponsons



5 Rubric marines, force staff, soulreaper cannon

5 Rubric marines, force axe, soulreaper cannon

5 Rubric marines, force sword


999 points


The Sicaran is fantastic with the points reduction, it is only 190 points with heavy bolter sponsons and pumps out 17 shots a turn! Likewise the contemptor is now only 172 points with this configuration. 


I don't have a lot of bodies on the table but that is always going to be the case unless I take Tzangors or cultists, which isn't the route I want to go.


Look forward to hearing some feedback, 


thanks for reading!




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Had my first game with this list last night, against my doubles opponent (khorne daemons)


My opponent was using


Bloodthirster (with big axe)

Bloodthirster (axe & whip)


10 bloodletters

10 bloodletters

10 bloodletters


The game was incredibly close and ended 5-4 to me, it was great fun and I learnt quite a bit. The game ended with 1 bloodletter and 4 rubrics on the table!


The rubric marines were incredibly resilient, I was using 2 exalted sorcerors instead of 1 with ahriman, but I think I will go for Ahriman in the future. The Sicaran only managed 1 round of shooting before getting charged by a blood thirster, which was a touch underwhelming, I think next time I will make sure I cast prescience on it. I may also look at a small unit of flamer rubrics as a defensive backline unit to protect it.


The contemptor got charged by the other bloodthirster and lasted 2 turns in assault, but I felt it didn't contribute much to the game. I may switch it out for a helforged predator with all lascannons for a bit more punch.