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For Hatred's Sake - Narrative Doubles Campaign Log

Ultramarines Night Lords Death Guard White Scars Alpha Legion Blood Angels Sons of Horus Space Wolves Emperors Children

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Tarvek Val

Tarvek Val


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Each of these armies is singularly impressive. Kudos to all the talented artists whose works are represented here!! thumbsup.gif

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"Our holy hatred will make us free!" ~Nameless Dark Apostle


"Though my guards may sleep and ships may rest at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire." ~Huron Blackheart


"You shall stand in midnight clad, your claws forever red with the lifeblood of my father's failed empire, warring through the centuries as the talons of a murdered god. Rise, my sons, and take your wrath across the stars, in my name. In my memory. Rise, my Night Lords." ~Konrad Curze, the Night Haunter


"So... How are you?" ~Cyrion, First Claw






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XVI Legion - Sons of Horus -The King Slayers


Legio: XVI Legio Astartes

Legio Name: Sons of Horus

Force Name: 152nd Assault Company

Force Cognomen: “The King Slayers”

Commander: Ven Ekaddon

Allegiance: Traitor


Battle Honours: Ullanor, Istvaan III, Cleansing of Praxxis, Hoth


Background: The founding of the 152nd Company came shortly after the discovery of Cthonia and the reunion of Horus with the Emperor. Given the legion’s already aggressive style of warfare, the 152nd Company was founded as a rapid response and intimidation force. While small in size, the company’s specialty was to fill gaps in the battle line and to shut down and punch through enemy lines in response. Given their tactical role, the company favors the use of mobile, heavy hitting units such as dreadnought, land speeders, and Sicaran main battle tanks as opposed to weight of numbers.


While gang culture and warfare is prolific across the hive-cities of Cthonia, none more so than in the southernmost continent within the Xerxes industrial mine. The size of ancient Africanii on Terra and spiraling deep into the depths of Chtonia, the mine is both sprawling industrial complex and home to millions. Within the mine, rule of law is brought by the work-gangs and through brutal violence. Within Xerxes, the top of the hierarchy of gangs are the “Khagan Khaddon” or in Gothic, the King Slayers. Thusly named due to gangs favored tactic; decapitating strikes against the leadership of a rival gang. From the outside, the Khagan Khaddon are brutality and fear incarnate. Yet, violence is only used as a means to an end.

Killing and brutality is worthless in the eyes of the King Slayers if not applied efficiently and for a reason. It is from this smoldering melting pot of brutality, murder, and violence that the warriors of the 152nd were born.


Noteworthy Engagements:

Arguably the King Slayer’s most noteworthy battle was at Ullanor, Horus’ greatest victory and harbinger of his ascension to Warmaster. As Horus unleashed the Legion upon Urlakk Urg’s fortress and the Warmaster himself teleported to the foot of the central tower to challenge the Ork Warboss in personal combat, the 152nd were deployed via drop pods to act as an interdiction force. Their objective was to harry the Ork forces around the Warboss and Primarch, holding back to the Orc tidal wave and providing time for Horus’ gambit to work. For hours, the company was assaulted by the Ork’s finest warriors, menacing giants of bounded green muscle and lacquered plate armor. These nightmares, larger than even the Adeptus Astartes, had never known defeat. The Khagan Khaddon gave them an education. The green skins broke across the 152nd like water on rock, throwing back three separate assaults from Warboss Urg’s personal guard. In honor of the 152nd, Horus allowed them to be in the front ranks during the Triumph and gave them permission to be one of the first groups of Astartes to kneel before their father, the Warmaster. Captain Ven Ekaddon: The captain of the King Slayers earned his position on the murderous fields of Istvaan III. The previous captain, a Terran born, was personally purged from the legion by Ekaddon himself. Fiercely loyal, Ekaddon is known to be a star in ascendancy within the new legion and a long-time lodge member. Captain Ekaddon models his tactics after First Captain Abaddon’s command, favoring hard hitting units striking lighting fast supported by mobile, veteran squads. While not a poor swordsman, Captain Ekaddon prefers hand to hand combat or the brutal curves of an axe.




Ven Ekaddon himself




The King Slayers




Unidentified ironform, Contemptor pattern

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B0BsTLO.jpg   vV378By.jpg

Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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Good job.

Wolf Scout- Catachan barking toad eggs+ Thousand Sons Marine= Fun! (Wolves of Catachan)
Sisters of Battle+ Fenrisian Beer- Inhibitions- Sanity= Trouble! (Order of the Blazing Heart Rocket Punch Pimp Magnet She-Wolf)


Reasons to use the Steel Crusaders ('Codex: Space Marines' supplement): Because you think giving Sternguard Veterans a heavy bolter wtih special issue HEAVY BOLTER ammunition is ALMOST as much fun as shoehorning an Earthshaker cannon into a Land Raider.


Reasons to use the Iron-hearted Angels ('Codex: Blood Angels' supplement): Because you think the Librarian Dreadnought needs Furious Charge AND It Will Not Die to beat down a Chaos-worshiping punk and his Defiler, while a Stormraven needs a Vanquisher cannon to beat down this punk's Heldrake.




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The SOH colour scheme is epic! really like how they look on the tabletop. The contemptor looks absolitely menacing 




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And we're back! More updates to follow, leading up to the final event report...





XIV Legion - Death Guard -Test Group Chagai II




Of all the Legiones Astartes, perhaps the most remorseless were the warriors of the XIV Legion, Death Guard. Displaying contempt for life itself, the Death Guard were no strangers to the use of the most horrifying and destructive weapons of M31. While other legions used NBC agents cautiously to minimise collateral damage to worlds ripe for Imperial colonisation, the Death Guard seemed almost hungry for use, uncaring of the impact and devastation left in their wake. During the events of the Horus Heresy, the Death Guard continued to refine and advance their use of alchem weaponry, far exceeding pre-war limits all the while utilising the best apothecaries, chem-masters and dark magos the legion had to offer to make ever deadlier variants. In stark contrast to the Salamanders, XIV Legionnaires would often aspire to be moved permanently into destroyer companies and be given the chance to test these weapons of mass destruction, reporting their findings and strategies into higher command for future use across the whole legion. While destroyers were the preferred infantry unit to deploy volatile non-ordinance weapons, commanders had to be careful in their placement and ensure that appropriate support was given, taking care that not too many friendly units would be annihilated if the destroyers were killed in action. To refine these tactics, multi company test groups were formed, usually headed by a delegatus or forgelord equivalent, with the sole purpose of understanding which units provided synergy with the new weapons.


It is now known that the Chagai project had been a test group formed to see how phosphex and rad grenades could be developed in conjunction with gravitic munitions. The end goal to make a combi-weapon that not even astartes in vehicles could outrun, or terminators could weather. A localised nightmare that would trap victims and would ensure no remains were left. Phase one had been to understand if the three armaments would interact favourably with one another, and if the wild effects could be contained and controlled. Phase two, also known simply as 'Chagai II', was to test in the field just how well this combination worked against a preferred enemy, namely other astartes.


Celerax Magna


While the majority of the Death Guard fleet was under direct control of Mortarion for much of the heresy, it wasn’t always the first Captain Typhon who would be given sizeable splinter forces to pursue other areas of interest. Lord Ujioj, Commander of the 3rd Great Company and supporter of Typhon, had been sent to the five hundred worlds to rendezvous with the  III Legion, possibly in preparation for the joint attack against the White Scars that the death lord was planning. While in the vicinity, it had come to Ujioj's attention of a haven world sheltering navigators and psykers from the Ruinstorm and the ravages of the traitor fleets. Ujioj's orders were simple, and had come from Typhon directly: kill any and all witches, leave no survivors. Better to deny the enemy of their talent, than risk an extraction on such a heavily fortified and contested world. In the capital city, Ujioj would use the Painted Exile's commotion and distraction to lure out the loyalist defenders, ready for a chemical ambush from 9 test groups and a flank attack from the rest of 3rd company.


'Chagai II' - Delta Assault (fourth test group)


  • Tactical Squad Irigibel - The squad would aid in infiltrating destroyers as close as possible to key targets, and provide immediate fire support once revealed. Optio Irigibel would use target designators built into his MkIII helmet to co-ordinate Delta Assault.




  • Destroyer Squad Gibil - Would deploy Phosphex and rad into gravflux zones, targeting high priority targets like legion terminators and jetbikes.






  • Leviathan Dreadnought Dibbarra – Armed with grav-flux bombard, phosphex discharger, rad grenade harness and twin heavy chem-flamers. Dibbarra would create grav pockets according to Optio Irigibel's instruction. Dibbarra would also serve as Delta Assault's anti vehicle and fortification unit, and a rally point for extraction.




  • Quad Launcher team Izdubar - While capable of firing phos munitions, Izdubar had been equipped with standard issue 'Thudd' shells in order to pin down any enemy or civilians who would attempt to flee the chemical death zones. The team had been mandated to only cease firing if under direct attack or out of ammunition, to lay waste to infrastructure if no live targets remained.




  • Forgelord (Warsmith) Torgils, IV Legion, Iron Warriors - Rescued by Ujioj's 3rd Company in an earlier engagement, Torgils would earn his stay among the Death Guard by utilising his command and knowledge over battle automata. On Celerax Magna, he would direct Vorax packs on loan to the Death Guard to round up civilians fleeing the alchem zones, satiating their predatory hunger.





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Magos Kasen

Magos Kasen


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Wow, these are some beautiful death guard! And really cool fluff too :)

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