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Q's about Citadel Paint set box

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Jarl Caldersson

Jarl Caldersson


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This is what I am talking about https://www.games-wo...-Paint-Set-2017

I thought about purchasing the set to save money but had a few Questions. Can the box stack the tall paint bottle 2 high in the box? How many paint bottles does it fit? How does it keep the paints organized, is there a plastic divider?

Just trying to get my idea down. I thought about putting the layer paints in bigger bottles to give a bit more room, but that won't work if the box won't stack 2 tall.


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Looks like there is a plastic divider, scroll along to the second to last product picture just before the one advertising the painting app.

The tray has 6 rows of 8 paints on 2 levels so max of 96 bottles. Not sure if it will take 2 layers of the tall bottles

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