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Tales of the XX Legiones Astartes - The Predators (BotL)

Predators Brotherhood of the Lost Icarion Insurrection

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Hail brothers and sisters,


I've decided to write down a couple of scenes and ideas which fall under the category of fanfic. So, I'm starting this thread as a place of sharing said stories with you.


Most of the time will they feature my own Lost & Forgotten Legion, the Predators. As part of the great Brotherhood of the Lost, you can learn more about them within our sacred halls (Special Projects -> Brotherhood of the Lost OR via my signature).


I do not yet know where this will lead me to. Maybe I'll just write some seperate scenes? Maybe I'll set them into a greater plotline? Who knows?


Please do not hesitate to ask questions about both, my Legion and the BotL in general. I'll try to do my best in answering them. smile.png


Long speech short: here's the first story!


I hope you'll enjoy it. smile.png





Ebon Blades armorial


The Ebon Blade
Author: Kelborn
Forces: XXth
Legiones Astartes “Ebon Blades”; Solar Auxilia – 985thSolar Auxilia Cohort ”Pale Scorpions”
Time: 880 M30– Six years after the conviction and reformation of the XXth
Characters: Dorm Kolbac



“Keep firing! Don’t let them come any closer! Evac is ongoing! Don’t let your brothers down!”


Lieutenant Dorm Kolbac shouted while striding behind his men. They stood on the northern outer defense ring of the Alpha base, which was embedded on the side of a small mountain. The base was surrounded by barren, wide and open russet wasteland. Although seemingly in the middle of nowhere, was the beachhead established, as the capital of their foes was build nearby at the borders of the wasteland. Behind Alpha base was nothing but bleak, solid rock. It was protected from two sides by overlapping fire positions, walls, minefields, and trenches, all filled with the last survivors of the Aeldaxxi compliance force.

His men were focused and eager to buy their comrades enough time to conduct the evacuation. Whenever one soldier had to reload, Dorm filled the gap, adding his precise fire to that of his men. Heavy bolters complemented their fire to the cacophony of death, enriching the air with heat, the smell of blood, whirled dust and lethal bolts. But their enemy did not falter. They just did not stop.


“Briac! Concentrate your fire on this rock. Those damn bugs are trying to establish a fire position!”


“Yes, sir!”


“Mell! Keep your head low while reloading, damn it! Demek? The bombardment will start again at any time. Any news from high command?”


“Not a thing, sir. Only static.”


Demek worked on his vox unit, desperately trying to establish contact with the main bunker complex in their backs. Sooner or later, they would have to abandon their position, but Dorm wanted to know if they had bought enough time and if their sacrifices were still worth the effort. A crystal projectile crossed his view, mere inches before his face. It might have looked beautiful if it was not the deadly ammunition of his foes. Some of his men were hit by other crystals and dropped dead, their heads being torn apart. Too many fell to fill the gaps immediately. If they would not compensate quickly enough, they would give the enemy precious time to advance. Dorm headed to the walls, aiming at the first bug he saw. His command squad was spread across the wall. Thus, he was alone for a couple of moments. He shot about eight Xenos before the gap was filled with other members of his squads.


“Where did that come from? Did someone see anything?”


“Sir, over there! Snake snipers!”


Dorm looked at the wall again after reloading, and his breath was taken away. Thousands of Xenos creatures were still left on the horizon, slowly but constantly approaching the walls, regardless of all the losses they had to endure. Most of them consisted of the so-called bugs, an insectoid race seemingly supplying the Aeldaxxi Commonwealth with workers and simple soldiers. Some considered them to be nothing more than cannon fodder, wearing their foes out until their more veteran forces would be in the position to deal the killing blow. The bugs were equipped with seemingly primitive lances and crossbows. Appearances were deceitful. Their weaponry had a higher range than those of the Imperial Forces and they were accurate as hell. Many fellow soldiers had paid with their lives to prove their effectiveness. Along the bug infantry were other members of the so-called Commonwealth, all having earned certain nicknames from the ranks of the Imperial Forces: the snakes were a reptilian race, appearing like humanoid snakes; knife ears were apparently members of the Eldar race but being significantly different than their brethren in terms of behaviour and technology and the scumbags, formerly human colonists, who had joined the Xenos society.The diversity of its members combined formed their overall combat strength, which was more than enough to drive back the Imperial Compliance forces of the 33rdExpeditionary Fleet. Moreover, this combined army was about to overrun the last refuge of the Imperial Forces.

If only the Blood Wolves would have stayed with them. They had forsaken their positions in the offensive to charge ahead, trying to hunt down the leaders of the Commonwealth. Since their departure, no one had heard of them any further. Whatever happened to them, it seemed to matter not at all. The enemy forces continued to push them back. Dorm and the other leaders assumed that the Blood Wolves were no more. Their headstrong behavior had doomed them all. Now were they desperately trying to save as much as possible. They needed to retreat, to regroup, resupply and wait for reinforcements. There was no other way. Dorm hoped that the evacuation would soon be done, and he could retreat with his men to the next defense ring. There, they would be supported by other-

The earth trembled. Loose plates fell off from the wall. Men struggled to stand. A nearby watchtower collapsed, the shaking earth was too much for it after being heavily damaged by the advanced Xenos technology. Another setback in their defensive lines.


“Everyone, hold on! We have to keep an eye on-“


“Sir! The western wall!”


Dorm turned around and prayed to his ancestors. The entire western wall collapsed. Men fell to their deaths. Their screams were consumed by the noise of the crumbling wall. He could see something moving within the fragments, something big, appearing to be insect-like as well. He looked back to Demek, who was carefully looking over the wall, pointing at something.


“What is this?”


Dorm headed to his vox specialist. Right before their position did the earth rumble. Something big was moving it, and it was heading towards the wall.Whatever it was, he assumed that it was the something like what he saw in the remains of the western wall. He pondered his chances and alternatives. There was only one thing they could do.


“Abandon the wall! Retreat to the inner ring! Cover your comrades!”


“Sir, what about the wounded?”


“If they cannot keep up with us, give them the Last Mercy.”


They hurried to get off the wall before whatever was charging at them within the earth would reach its target. His men were right behind him. Running towards the inner ring would take them a couple of minutes. Enough time for their adversaries to catch up. Without the defending fire from the outer walls, they seized their chance. Enemy aircrafts were dashing above their heads, targeting the landing fields. The last anti-air positions were not enough to deal with all of them. Transports full of wounded soldiers were set ablaze. Rains of crystal shards and ominous sonic blasts ripped them apart. Thousands died within seconds. Shocked by the sudden destruction of their way to get off this cursed world, did Dorm and his men falter. With the burning bunker complex in front of them and the advancing Xenos in their backs, they had nowhere to run. Before desperation could poison their minds, their drill took control of them. In the end, they were Solar Auxilia, the elite of the Imperium. There was no space for doubt or fear. Thus, they established the last line of defense, right before the inner walls amidst rocks and debris.


“Share your ammunition. Do not hold back anymore. If we are about to die here, then so be it. Let us avenge our brothers! We are the Pale Scorpions! We strike for the Imperium!”


Bugs, snakes and other Xenos had climbed the walls and were establishing fire positions of their own. Sniper fire took out some of his men before being shot by Dorm’s last sniper teams. Crystal shards and laser shots filled the air shredding both forces to pieces. So-called egg grenades were thrown and hit some of his men. They clung to them, releasing their deadly load: hundreds of tiny, carnivorous insects were set free, climbing upon their victim. Those who were hit had no chance at all, as they were eaten alive. There was no time to give them the Last Mercy. Their screams added to the unholy cacophony of war and death, echoing throughout the wasteland.

However, the 985th would not run. Not anymore.

Before a sizable force of bugs armed with chitin blades could reach them, were the clouds torn apart. Heavy bolter fire rained down on the Xenos, grinding them to bloody shreds. Dorm dared to look up and saw their salvation. Like giant angels born of metal and fire were Imperial flyers, no- Astartes flyers, jetbikes, and transports descending from the skies. Some went low, opening their hatchets. He could see hundreds of Legionaries using their jump packs to fall upon the forces of the Commonwealth. Jetbikes and assault flyers were heading for the massive walkers and tanks, taking them out one by one. Black-cladLegionnaires landed amidst his men. Green painted arms held the deadliest weaponry of the entire Imperium in their hands. Some held two pistols, some bolters, some grenade launchers and some charged against the remaining bug warriors, wielding massive chain weapons of all kind. The Commonwealth was taken off-guard. Their lines were shattered and pushed back. Thousands of broken and torn bodies, Xenos, and men alike, laid dead, their blood blackening the red sand. The Emperor’s Angels of Death had arrived and did the seemingly impossible; they threw back the Xenos push.


“Pale Scorpions! Do not hesitate!”


Dorm was frightened, as he had not heard the Astartes landing behind him. He turned around and saw a highly decorated member of the unknown force. A cloak in the color of dark red framed his ornamented black and green armor. His helmet was different than that of the Blood Wolves. It featured a T shaped visor, something Dorm hasn't seen before. A black skull underlined by a pair of crossed spears and blades was imprinted on his shoulder pad. He held a massive spear, seemingly to be crafted by the highest-ranking members of the Lords of Mars themselves. The spear tip was pointed towards the struggling foes. Its blade was black as the void and inscribed by unknown signs. The Astartes’ appearance was a redeeming angel and of a merciless warlord. Dorm knew instantly that he and his brothers would turn the debacle of their brother Legion into a victory for mankind. The giant's sight was fixed on Commonwealth’s shattered lines.


“We have come to bring salvation. The Emperor has condemned this atrocity of Xenos and traitors. We are here to enforce his will! Come with us and you will bask in the glory of victory! Prove your worth to yourself and those who have fallen! Seize the moment and use your hatred against the vile Xenos and the damned traitors of our own kind! Rise, my brothers! Stand as one! FOR THE EMPEROR!”


Dorm and his men rose, ready to stand at their new allies’ side. They reloaded their weapons, readying themselves for the coming advance. They had lost all hope only to be saved again. Their battle cry imbued with righteous wrath and the desire for vengeance.




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Will be waiting for the next installment.

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