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Painting log.

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Hive Fleet Manticore

Hive Fleet Manticore


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Greetings all. I've been away from the hobby for about ten years, give or take.


I painted some Tyranids in the Behemoth scheme many moons ago, but the inks I used are now no longer available.






I was fairly happy with the results, but being that the new Codex has rules specific to different Hive Fleets, I figured I'd make my own colour scheme to use whichever rules I feel like (on the rare occasion that I play a game, anyway). I did some quick research from official sources before deciding on the name Hive Fleet: Manticore.


For my new colour scheme I wanted something decent that was easy and quick to paint. Using three paints and three washes definitely qualifies.


Test gaunt:




Turned out decently well, I felt, considering the horrible spray undercoat that it had when I acquired it second hand.


The flesh is Emperor's Children, weapons and details are Troll Slayer Orange and carapace is Leadbelcher. Whole model is washed with Carroburg Crimson, flesh and carapace with Druchii Violet, then carapace again with Drakenhof Nightshade.




I like my old school Genestealers, so I checked how the colours look on them:




Not spectacular, but still decent, and will look good in numbers. In case anyone is wondering, he's on a flying base because when I was playing tournaments in the long long ago, I wanted them to actually be able to make base-to-base contact despite their big grabby hands flailing around.



My real test I guess was one of my Lictors:




I think it turned out decent, and its the first of the medium size models I've painted. I've got a Ravener and Hormagaunt on the block at the moment, another Lictor and  some more Termagants lined up behind that. Once I've ripped the arms off my old Tyrant, Carnifexes and Warriors, I'll be retooling and magnetising them for versatility.


Shopping list includes the new Tyrant kit, Zoanthrope/Venomthropes, and definitely some big boys, but not settled on which ones specifically.


What do you guys think so far? Any suggestions for which models I should pick up next?




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Hey, looking great!

I think the models would really benefit from a drybrush highlight to pick out the texture - I cant say which off the top of my head with your colour choices, but maybe kindleflame on the bone colours, stormhost silver on the carapce and a light purple, maybe genestealer purple on the exoskeleton?

Otherwise metallic nids - cool!


Xenos XX\




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Also emperor's children would work. It's a bit more on the pink side but I think it'll make it pop.

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