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Your BA Index stats

Blood Angels Chapter Blood Angels Successors Index: Blood Angels Blood Angels battle report

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P:7 W:6 L:1

Playing a counter attack oriented list. Using a land raider, assbacks, with Dante for re rolls and some SG/DC as a counter punch element.

Worked pretty well!
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P:10 W:10 D:0 L:0

Player through the Fate of Konor series and a couple weekend games with friends. Lots of new players and skewed missions from Konor so I don't take this as a complete sign of skill. I'm not terrible, but I am also not the best.

I depended a lot on a hard hitting force that was easily deployed anywhere. Storm Raven, Sanguinary Guard, Sanguinary Ancient, and Sanguinary Priest along with a Furioso. Raven moves in first turn and tries it's best to survive and put out as much damage as it can then second turn golden death launches and wrecks everything. Worked well as a heavy flank. Usually had a scout squad as well to allow people to second guess where to place troops. Two drops mean I usually got to go first or at least a better chance of it.




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P:1 W:1 D:0 L:0


Only one small game against Orks. 

I tabled him on turn 3.

To be honest though, that was his fault because he kept using the weirdboy's teleport ability to come closer to me.

Every time, I ended up losing 4-5 models while he was losing 20+, because after the charge they were left out in the open.

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I've posted the most draws so far. Makes me feel like Huzzah! I didn't lose...but, damnit I didn't win either.

In truth, we tie a lot. We have fairly equal lists for the most part. Honestly, I thought I'd see more ties than what I have.



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