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Slaanesh eldar

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I like the idea of Eldar that either are alive and continue to live the debauched slaneesh-feeding lifestyle of pleasure, seeing Slaneesh as their patron and even are proud of the creator/servants dynamic they have with their god. (As If alive and feeding Slaneesh through pleasurable debauchery, opposed to Drukhari’s centuries of absolute cruelty)
Obviously eldar souls burn like bonfires compared to the flicker of humans, but when noise marines amplify their emotions through debautchery slannesh doesnt just eat their soul, but can somehow feed slowly from the results, so why not the same for these eldar but on a greater scale?

Or the daemonic eldar could be Slaneesh toying with the souls of pre-fall consumed eldar, regurgitating their souls up as pawns on the battlefield, in place of Daemonettes, reenacting their debauchery like ghosts following old routines. Or the eldar could be like daemon princes, those souls were the most debased and ascended to minor daemonhood at slannesh’s birth, serving in her ranks as heralds and daemons, but keeping visage and personality.
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The Dark Muses of Eldar mythos maybe a good starting for ideas, Such individuals likely hastened the fall and may have been thusly rewarded with daemonhood. Alternatively Slannesh may have incorporated the sentience elements of a Pre-Fall Elder souls into Daemons and the like, A consumed souls is nonexistence soul, preserving some elements of it, may allow Slannesh to torment the unfortunate victim for eternity is some way... 

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Slave to Darkness

Slave to Darkness


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Just had a thought. Chaos Eldar aligned to the other three gods. Nurgle Eldar could be interesting.

Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the centre of the world, and its sound is like razors through flesh.


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Just had a thought. Chaos Eldar aligned to the other three gods. Nurgle Eldar could be interesting.

I wonder how that would be, given their intrinsic link to Slaanesh. Maybe like how Harlequins souls work? Or would they be devotees of an Aeldari god who get sort of absorbed by the chaos god. A devotee of Isha who falls to corruption after she's captured by Nurgle?A follower of Khaine who goes too far down the path and strays into Khorne's neck of the metaphysical woods?
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I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up yet...

The concept art shown below was shown on Sprues and Brew Twitter, and was described as an "Aeldari creature with a Slaanesh sword". I've culled the information from the New Year Open Day 2019 discussion in the NRBA forum.

It's difficult to make out the writing due to the glare, but as far as I can tell, it says something like:

Eldar Emissary (I'm really unsure about this line)
<something>) Smoke Substance
Blade of Darkness
Slaanesh Pocessed [sic] sword
Largish Figure 60-120 mm

Part of me thinks that it could just be a concept piece for the Yncarne (avatar of Ynnead), but part of me wonders if it might be a Slaanesh-aligned creature of Aeldari origin.
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