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Wraithguard and D-Scythes

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chapter master 454

chapter master 454


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Just a quick question. In the index when they fired D-Scythes they rolled 1 D3 for shots but in the codex there is no mention of this. Was this removed or just a mistake ommission. I assume it was meant to nerf them if it now works based on individual rolls now.

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It is now based on individual rolls. Both ways gives an average of 10 hits per 5-man squad, the difference is that with the Codex, you are much less likely to roll very high or very low.

Previously, if if you rolled a 1 or 2 for the whole squad, it was a no-brainer to spend a CP for a reroll that could double or triple their firepower.

The change doesn't nerf them, it just makes them more consistent and average.

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