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Today I ran

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I was able to run a game using the preview codex that my store had.  We did 75 power level, I took a battalion. 

With the new codex,  this comes out at 75 power level and around 1300 points




2 10 man Tactical squads (flamer squad and plasma squad)

5 man intercessor squad

2 rhino

1 DC dread with furioso fists HF SB

10 man death company with JP (3 thunder hammer, 3 power sword bolter, 4 chainsword bolter)



Played against a guard/black templar army list.  He had a land raider crusader, 3 (maybe 4) leman russ, 2 dreadnoughts, and 2 5 man templar squads with a company champion, and an emperors champion.  I think he was 74 power level not sure about points, but he never skimps on the extra flexibility that power level gives you over points. 


3 objectives, one in the middle and one on each player side.  I deployed everything on the board except Lemartes and the DC


I got really lucky with one of the twists our game had.  It ended up being a night game so he only had 12" shooting range with the ability to add to it every turn on a 4+.  Without this, I am sure the game would have been different. 


He had the first turn and rushed the crusader up.  He couldn't really shoot at anything besides a rhino because of the twist.  The land raider took 4 wounds off of it. 

My first turn I was able to assault the crusader with Mephiston and the dread.  They brought it down to 2 wounds (failed the quickening roll for Meph). 

Deep struck in DC and Lem and used the command points to make the charge 3d6.  killed the dreadnought easily and was able to consolidate into a Leman Russ.  


The DC dread ends up killing  the land raider and it gets tied into combat with a 5 man templar squad. 

The company champion and other 5 templars got out and charged Meph, it was pretty scary.  Had to fall back with Meph next turn leaving them open.  

Both tac squads and intercessors made quick work of them in shooting phase.  

Death company ended up killing a dread, 2 leman russ, and his HQ.  His HQ did take out about 4 DC though.  I wish I could remember what it was.  Death company finally got shot up.

DC Dread ends up wiping out Templars next turn

He pretty much called it at this point as I had Meph, 2 full tactical squads, full intercessor squad, and a DC Dread with full wounds to his Leman Russ or two and dreadnought


Was a fun game, nothing too serious.  The DC were great and a lot of fun.  +1 to wound was absolutely awesome.  Meph and the dread were wounding the crusader on 2+.  Ouch.  The DC dread is always so much fun to play.  Meph is a boss but you have to be very careful.  


Ideas I'm toying with:

Stormhawk or Stormtalon.....I have a Baal Predator but....*winces*

Scouts in some capacity

Interceptor squad

cataphractii squad and cataphractii captain - I would need to go bigger points but the captain is just so awesome.

5 man tac squads and switching to razorbacks.  - I just hate 5 man tac squads soooooo much

another dreadnought

I also own a predator with all lascannons and it is like one of the best paint jobs I have so I really want to get it in there (not just as a rhino chassis).

I'm actually just thinking about dropping the plasma tactical squad for a 10 man intercessor squad.  The weapons are alright but I just feel like I would get more mileage out of the intercessors with the way I use them. But then there's this whole transportation issue.

Open to ideas

Thanks for looking


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Crimson Ghost IX

Crimson Ghost IX


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Heyas Tedzilla, enjoyed the writeup - Thanks !


If you own the newer BA tacticals it is really easy to make the guys with tabards into Sternguard by painting the helmets gold and maybe even adding more bling if you like.

(Scopes are nice too and pretty easy to lay hands on perhaps)

Sternguard are pretty damned good in a Rhino or a Razor without killing the points bank too bad.


You could use a similar idea to make them into Devs with blue helmets and some heavy weapons if you have those extra.

One kit of devastators has a crap ton of infantry heavy weapons in it otherwise =).


I would go for Sternguard over Devs tho because of the better CQC profile if you are choosing. They can pack heavy weapons also.


Anyhow just a couple ideas of ways to make 5 man teams work a bit harder perhaps and to maybe save some cash to pay off those other things you are thinking on.


I hear ya on the pred, I say use it. Good paint jobs are usually lucky * nod.

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Dolchiate Remembrancer

Dolchiate Remembrancer


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Thanks for this Ted!


When i read the lists I thought "Oh Boy, BA going to get creamed..." but looks like you both had a fun game and it looks like you did more than just hold your own.

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