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Help me hash out a new list (Army of Dark Compliance)

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I'm trying to make an Iron Warriors/Militia list that is reminiscent of the Red Army, with the Iron Warriors providing line breakers and cool Marine stuff. So far, for my Provenances, I'm thinking Warrior Elite and Survivors of a Dark Age, to boost survivability, while also representing the Red Army's discipline. As for the list itself, I'd use a mix of elite infantry, hordes, and artillery/walkers to dish out damage.

HQ: Forge Lord w/ Cortex Controller, and pimped out for close combat

HQ: Force Commander, who's equipped to sit back with the artillery and make sure no one runs away

Troops: Tactical Squad w/CCWs and Vox, who will lead the charges

Troops: 2 Infantry Squads, w/ las locks

Troops: Grenadiers, w/shotguns, who will defend the artillery carriages

Elites: Quad Mortars w/ most of the shell types

Elites: Ogryns, w/ power mauls, to mash power armor infantry

Elites: Enginseer w/ Servitors, to repair the artillery

Heavy Support: 2 sets of 3 Medusa Guns w/ full crews

Heavy Support: Castellax detachment

Lord of War: Imperial Knight Crusader

I think the list is decent in game, and is accurate to the fluff. What do you guys think? I'll repost this sometime this weekend with point values.

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Here's my comments (Keep in mind I'm not super well versed with the militia rules)

First of all, unless I'm missing something, you can't mix units in one force org like that. You'd have to take a primary detachment of one of the armies and allied detachment of the other one.

Having your forge lord kitted out for cc doesn't make much sense. He needs to be near the castellax which are slow and more shooty units. Which means he won't be charging into cc much.

Is your tactical squad 20-man or 10-man? Either way without transport there's a good chance they'll get obliterated before they get to lead any charges. Same problem with the forge lord, you need a way to get them into cc.

I'd try to fit in another vox or two.

Only take frag and shatter shells on the quad mortars. The other types aren't worth the points unless you bring a siege breaker for phosphex.

Idk all of the ogryns rules/wargear but if their goal is to kill MEQs, power mauls might not be the best option. Yes you wound on 2+ but you don't ignore their armor. They also suffer from the problems of how you're gunna get them into cc. In my general experience, ogryns aren't that good.

That's just my two cents.

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Knight_Commander, I’m guessing you’re running an Army of Dark Compliance here, hence the mixed force org? :) Also, I’ve moved it to the Army List forum for more focused attention.

ShadowCore67’s advice is on point. Something else that really makes the AoDC shine is that you’re able to take cheap Militia units to fill out your Compulsory Troops, then capitolise on Legion units for all the optional slots. You can also take a Militia Lord of War and make it disposable, so it won’t give up “Price of Failure” VPs. :) The Stormhammer is particularly nice.

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