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Inspirational Friday 2017: The Black Legion (until 1/5)

Inspirational Friday Inspirational Friday 2017

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For those who do not know it, Inspiration Friday is a (generally) fortnightly weekly event within its home in the Chaos Space Marines forum (but open to all members of the B&C), in which a topic is set for members to write short (or long if the muse takes you) fluff/fan-fic pieces about their war bands, characters and models.

And here begins our twenty-third (and final) challenge of Inspirational Friday 2017:
The Black Legion
Formed from the remains of the XVI Legion: the Sons of Horus (and before that, the Luna Wolves), the Black Legion were so named by their new leader, Ezekyle Abaddon.
The Black Legion operates as countless warbands, raiding the Imperium at the whim of their lords and commanders, uniting as one unstoppable force under the banner of Abaddon when he begins his Black Crusades.
And the Legion does not only comprise the scions of the warmaster, for myriad warbands now wear the black, having sworn loyalty to the Legion seeking power, vengeance...or forced to do so by the Legion itself.
Unlike many warbands and former legions, the Black Legion includes devotees of all the Chaos deities (and indeed those who swear no allegiance to any deity).
The Khornate Hounds of Abaddon, the Slaaneshi Children of Torment, the Tzeentchian Sons of the Cyclops, the Nurgle-worshipping Bringers of Decay, the forsaken Oath-Broken and the possessed Tormented. There are even former members of loyalist legions and chapters, such as the Lost Lion.

Tell us this time a tale of the Black Legion, be they the protagonists or antagonists.
IF2017: Black Legion runs until the 6th of January. With the festive season being busy, you’ve got almost a month!

Let us be inspired.

The winner of IF2017: Black Legion shall claim not only the Eye of Horus amulet:
...but also the honour of judging who wins the next Inspiration Friday (the latter of which you can relinquish to me if you wish).

Please submit your entries (and any questions you might have) in the main IF thread linked to above.




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A shame I couldn't participate in the last one, I had some ideas but nothing stuck (plus I got sick, crap). But I so want to participate in this one, there are so many possibilities for stories that I hope this time I can come up with something. 


I also want to participate in the Praeteritis Historiam Belli and it'll be about CSM so I hope I don't end up mixing the two! sweat.gif

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